Saturday, January 25, 2014

Princess Day

With the bruise still showing on her tiny hand from her IV and her spirit still showing the stress of the last little health hiccup, we decided Emma needed some special one or one time with mommy.  So, luckily the local library was having a special Princess party today and I signed her up.  We quickly changed from ballet shoes to her Brave Princess dress, and headed to the library after ballet.  The party was a lot of fun, they made crowns, did puzzles, made a place mat, danced and got to eat cake.  Best of all Princess Belle was there for it all.

Then after all that fun, we did a little shopping for a school project she has due this coming week.  Afterwards I had planned to take her to Taco Bell but she really wanted cheese dip.  We saw a little Mexican place near Michaels and headed there.  She was so excited to be eating with just me and her.  We ordered our drinks and of course cheese dip.  I swear it is both of ours love language, it makes us so happy.  We sat side by side and munched and laughed.  It was really nice to get to focus just on her and listen to her stories and laugh about not having to share with anyone her cheese dip.  

Then, we headed home for a much needed nap together.  I love those moments, when I lay with her in my bed, both of us snuggled under our favorite blankets, and I get to see such peace come over her sleeping face.  I hold her hand and we doze.  Sweet sweet moments!

Today was much needed for both of us.  Emma has really been emotional and a little stressed since her health hiccup, and I pray that a little extra TLC will help that stress.  She really had a good day, and as she drifted off today, she was still talking about Princess Belle.  Great memories made today for both of us, and I am grateful and proud to be the mom to such a sweet princess.  

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