Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bible Stories for His Beautiful Princess

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the Tyndale House Publishing Company in exchange for an honest review.

So here is my honest review!

I have spend a lot of time recently trying to find a easy to understand, devotional type book I could share with Emma.  We tried a few popular kids devotionals, but they were a little above her language level and we had to quickly discard those books.  We just went back to reading the toddler Bible they both had.  But I kept hoping I could find a good fit for her as she is getting older.

I was thrilled to see Bible Stories for His Beautiful Princess by Sheri Rose Sheperd come out as one of the choices on Tyndale House Blog Network to be reviewed last month.  I quickly sign up to try it out.  It came in the mail last week, and Emma and I quickly opened it together. She loves loves getting mail.  She asked right then to start reading it.  The cover was so cute and really engaged her right off the bat.  We sat down and read about five stories right then.  They were easy to understand and so well written.  Emma was able to follow the stories easily.  I was so happy!!

Sheri Rose Sheperd choose great stories to share, she starts each story with a verse, an easy to understand storybook type telling of the story, a simple prayer, and a take away point from Princess Jewel.  Emma loves what Princess Jewel has to say and repeats it with me each time.  I love how she wraps the story up in a way kids can understand.  We also spend a lot of time talking about the beautiful illustrations by Shelley Dieterichs.  They really bring each story to life for kids and adults alike.

I will happily be recommending this book to all of my friends with girls.  I think most girls will love sharing Bible stories with Princess Jewel as their guide.  

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Please leave a comment if you have or go get this book and let me know how you enjoy it.  I am looking forward to many more snuggles in bed sharing this book together.

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