Sunday, May 29, 2011

Emma's Graduation

A little over a week ago, my sweet angel graduated from her awesome preschool. It was a precious night that I will never forget. It was such a special and "normal" moment for our family, which are few and far between for us. Due to her cast, she had to be carried in by her teacher Mr. Shayne and she was so happy to be wearing her blue cap and gown, her cap was a little big and kept falling off which was so cute:) They sang a cute song about moving up to Kindergarten ( prek for emma), a song about the Lord's prayer, they played the harmonica and did a song with bells and I think one other song but I forgot it:) Then, they sat down to get their diplomas. It was so sweet. Each child was called up to stand with their teacher while the director talked about each one. First they shared what the child had said they wanted to be when they grew up and then Mrs. Lynn shared what the staff thought they would be. Her teacher warned me that I would cry, and we ALL DID!! Emma actually walked up to stand, and the shared that Emma wanted to be a artist, she loves art. Then, Mrs. Lynn shared that the staff thought Emma would Run Nike someday, because when Emma started at the Center we all talked about Emma "might walk, Emma might go five days a week, Emma might do this or that and Emma does not understand might she only understands to just do it!! So true and so sweet to hear someone else say that. My daughter is so strong and such a fighter. I hope she does run Nike someday!!
Emma loved graduation and sang all the songs so well. Her music teacher and all the other teachers were so proud of her and so was her family. They all practiced so much and did so great. I loved her diploma and the art they did to decorate the hall where we had cake afterwards. They did a abstract watercolor and a version of Monet's water lilies. Both are so cute and well done.
Emma has come so far since starting at the Children's Center. She started in a wheelchair only going three days a week, now she walks and goes five days a week. She has learned so many words, how to count to ten, many colors and letters, she learned tons about computers, music and art, she has learned to share and be a friend, and how to follow directions and listen too. She has learned much much more but you all get the point. We really did not know how it was going to go when she started and to be honest we planned on pulling her if things did not go well. But boy have we been blessed. They have loved Emma despite her limitations and helped her to overcome so many of her limitations. She even learned to walk there!! They never minded changing her diaper and even installed a changing table in her classroom this year. They never treated her different at all and just loved her and helped her to grow. I am forever grateful for the staff there for loving and growing my angel. She loves them all and will be sad to say good bye on Friday. But it is time to move on and we just pray that her new teachers love and protect her like her old ones have.
I am so proud of Emma and enjoyed getting to watch her graduation and will never forget that night!!! Such a small thing to some but a big thing for us!!

Emma's Art Work!

Emma afterwards!

They exited dancing to Celebrate GoodTimes so cute!!

Getting her diploma
SingingWalking in with Mr. Shayne
Before we left the house

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sneak Peak!

I promise to try to write tomorrow night about Emma's graduation! It was an amazing night full of great memories shared with family and friends. Still trying to put into words the night!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Five years and 2 Months

Both kiddos have been to the doctor in the last two weeks for their check ups. Weights, heights, and shots for both=funtimes for mommy NOT!!
Emma now weighs: 27.5 lbs and is 35 and 3/4 inches tall. Her BP was great and she had no issues. She hated her shots but other than that had a great check up. She is still not on the normal growth chart but she has continued to increase on her own chart which is great. He was very pleased with her progress. Other facts about you as you turn five: your best friend is Lily at school, you still love fries and chicken, but have started to eat other things lately. Your new favorites are corn on the cob, pancakes, bacon and eggs. Your favorite things at school are music class and art class. You would live outside if we let you and love to make daddy run to all three parks in our area on the weekends. Your speech is slowly improving and you recently got an Ipod Touch to try to help you communicate with people. It is a lot of fun and we are enjoying teaching you to use it. You really like computers and things like that so it is really fun seeing you play games on the computer. Such a big girl now it makes me smile. You were walking/running everywhere you could before you broke your leg, and you are slowly starting to be able to move more in your cast, but not as fast:) We are so proud of you learning to walk that I still tear up seeing you walk.
Taylor I can not believe you are already 2 months old! Where has the time gone? I wish I could freeze you and keep you little forever. However you already weigh 13.3 lbs and are 23.5 inches tall. Big BOY!! You are wearing 3 months to 3-6 months in clothing. (it is a full time job keeping up with what size you fit in). You sleep the best on the move, maybe because we are normally going to get sister when it is naptime. You sleep great at night and only wake once around 4:45 to eat. You only fuss if you are hungry, which is a lot of the time:) You smile so cute now and are starting to laugh a little and coo and I love to hear those first cute sounds. I could stare at you all day long:) I can not believe how fast you are changing and growing.
You two get along great! Emma will not leave you alone and I am sorry if she is loud sometimes, she just loves you to pieces. It is fun and hard taking care of you both but I love it and am blessed to be your mom!! Life is never boring and I am so glad. thank you God for my lovely family.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finally Photos of Emma's Fun Run

So glad her fun run was the week before she broke her leg. It was a great day and I will cherish those moments and hope you enjoy a snapshot into that wonderful day.

Emma dressed and ready to go!
Part of her cheering squad!
Loved seeing her walk out with her class!
Emma and Daddy
Daddy and Emma getting all ready
Family photo ( I promise Taylor is hidden under the brown:))
Walking to the start!
Running with her teacher
All tired out after her run, she hung with her brother on the blanket!

Gotta love the winner medal! She is a winner for sure! What a fun day!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Not the Day i planned

I have had a wonderful Mother's Day despite starting it off at the ER with my first born precious angel Emma. She fell last night and broke her good leg and is in a cast up to her left thigh. But she is doing pretty well for someone who broke thier tibia:) We went to the park and carefully slide today, rode our four wheeler around Meme's yard and played with her cousin Hudson. She keeps asking to take off the cast but when we say no she moves on. However, my ears are still ringing from her screams when we woke her up and she realized she was at the hospital last night. She hates the hospital. Luckily they only had to cast her leg after the xrays and no sticks or pokes by needles, they gave her meds by mouth and one by her nose. She was so brave and even waved bye to the Ortho doctor who did her cast. She was so loopy last night and smiley despite the very late hour of 1:30:) She kept trying to knock us down with her new cast as she laid on her back for a quick diaper change. I filmed it on my phone and laugh everytime I watch it.
We are not sure how the rest of the time in the cast will go, but hope it continues to not be to bad and that she gets better at getting around. She is allowed to walk on it but she is not able to yet. So back to carrying we go and then hopefully back to a walker after that but if all else fails back to the wheelchair. I am still a little numb and not really able to put into words how I feel about this newest setback at this time, but I have spent the day reminding myself To Praise God in the storm and that it could be worse. We will come out of this and be stronger but for know I am sad to put my sweet girl through another battle.
But for tonight my babies are sleeping sweelty in their beds and I am so blessed by them both and so honored to be a mom to a wonderful and strong daughter and a very sweet and beautiful son!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday

Love this photo of my boys! Will share more of these photos soon, they are from a family shoot we had when Taylor was two weeks old. Cant believe he is now 8 weeks old, and guess what? He slept from 10:30 till 6am last night wow!!