Monday, November 29, 2010

What will my Christmas Card look like this year?

Christmas Card time is here again, and oh what to do? Do we send a picture card, one made by Emma or a store bought sign your name here one? Oh the decisons the decisons!!! Here it is the day before December and I am running out of time, which is no surprise to me as my life is crazy busy. So, what do I do and where do I turn to get the job done not only fast but beautiful too....well if you must know... I cheat and use a great website. Shutterfly is my new best friend!!

If you want to make a great photo card check out this link: . If you go there you can add your own photos to already designed cards. I am already trying to narrow down my pictures to use and I think the winner is

Or maybe this one??

or I am not sure yet!!?? Pregnancy makes me so unable to make a decison!

But if you want to make a great choice on your card go to: to pick out a cool designed card to send out to all your family and friends. It is so easy and so fast and they will come in your mailbox ready to be addressed with no hassle. I made Emma's birthday cards here last year and loved the quality and the ease of doing it online. I am no computer whiz but I could figure out the directions and it was a piece of Christmas Pie to do:)
I will say cards are not the only thing I am currently working on at Shutterfly, I am working a special calendar for Daniel with his girls on it for 2011. Go here to see the awesome choices to make your own special calendar for someone special:

I hope this post will help you with some of the craziness in your life right now. There is so much to do to prepare for the holidays and I hope you can make your life a litte easier with Shutterfly!!

Happy Card shopping!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Rasberry Kisses

Fun in the fall!

First glimpse of Taylor Daniel

I just love that Emma gives my belly Rasberry kisses now before bed. She thinks it is so fun to blow on my ever expanding belly. Her brother seems to like it as well, he wakes up and starts kicking up a storm. Looking fowar to the day she can give him kisses outside my belly:) I feel like they are going to love each other so much and she is going to be a great big sister!

Quick update on the kiddos:

Little growing man, seems to be doing well. Today he gave me a little scare, but after being monitored for twenty minutes he was deemed fine. My heart might not ever be again, since I was so scared something was wrong. They think he is just growing faster then my belly is expanding. He is going to be big I fear!

Emma is doing great in school. She is starting to count more, recoginze and name more colors, and is learning to trace letters slowly She is going to have her OT eval done soon we hope to try to get help with handwriting and cutting skills. She loves her teachers and her classmates so much and is talking so much more this year. She even answers questions during carpet time which she never did last year. We did have a few weeks of crazy medical problems. We started out with a horrible UTI and ended up with her having outpatient surgery to clean out her colon. She seems to be doing better on both those fronts, but still a little more clingy and waking up at night. Which we see when she has had medica crisis. Hopefully that will pass soon.

She is excited about HOHO coming soon. She will be in two choirs (one at school and one at church). Looking forward to both performances! Trying to shop and will soon decorate the house YIPPPEEE!! I am not sure how I will do that with this big belly but I will try.

That about sums up life right now!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Am I coming or going?

Wow I am not sure which way is up or if I am coming or going? What a week! In the midst of trying to prepare for a wedding Emma and me are in next week, the normal life craziness, Halloween and trying hard to start working on the nursery, we end up having an outpatient procedure done on Emma on Tuesday. But to be truthful that is the reality we live with having a special medical complicated child. My husband laughed when I rubbed my tummy and told Little Taylor Daniel that this was life and we learn to roll with what comes:)

She is doing much better today and went back to school. But she is still clingy and needy which is to be expected from the OR meds! She is napping again which is nice, since she tried for two weeks to give it up and was a crank the whole time. I am able to do a few small projects while she naps and normally lay down a little too. I am not as tired now, being 23 weeks and all, but a small nap helps as the day gets longer inside due to it being dark earlier.

So, it has been a crazy week but a good week as well. Got lots of snuggle time in with my first born and still trying to grasp that I am having a healthy boy in March! Wow looking at blue is a whole new ballgame for sure. Did I mention he is healthy, we are so thankful for that fact. He will love his big sister and already responses to her cries! She even says baby when she points to my belly! Can not wait for the two to meet.