Saturday, March 19, 2016

Book Review

This is a book that has arrived at my door during a crazy time in my families life.  It is a book I need to dive into and camp out with for the full 31 one days that it is written to cover, and I plan to do that as soon as my daughter's medical life is not so crazy.  I have spent some time reading and exploring the amazingly written book by Sarah Mae.  It is a must read for any Christan Wife or Mother.

I constantly struggle with balancing my time of being in the moment with my kids and cleaning the house.  This book is about finding your balance with God and business of cleaning.  I think it will also help you focus on the more important aspects of life, God, your family, and cleaning.  I love that the author realized that women need help finding the peace in being a homemaking.  We need to learn how to take care of our spiritual life and our home too.

I love how the book is laid out to have a "Mary Challenge" that focusing you on God, and then you get to the "Martha Challenge" that focuses on a part of your house.  You start with what is most important, which is God, and then you look towards your home.  I have read through a lot of the book, but have not had a ton of time to follow the plan, due to my current out of control life.  But I plan on starting this in April when I can focus better.

I am looking forward to following this awesomely laid out plan for all of us frazzled mom's.  I highly think all mom's should check out this book and dive deeper into our Lord and our cleaning:)  And like it says in the preface:  "I want you to love who you are and yet be able to let Jesus into the hard places. I want you to sit with Him and let Him heal you, so you can be whole."- Sarah Mae

I long for that and it touched deep in my soul. We all need healing!

If you dont trust my aw ha moment quote check out my review and many more on Amazon!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes. I was not required to write a positive review, and all opinions are my own.