Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fuzzy and Small Girls Bible Review

Emma loves when I get to review books that are for either her or her brother.  I also love when I get to review a book and pass a quality book on to my kids.  This month I got a new girl themed Bible for Emma.  It came in the mail when she was home and she was thrilled when she saw it was girl themed and for her.  She carried it for two days before allowing me to really look at it for a review.

Emma really likes that is is small, which is key for her since she cant carry heavy things.  It is also a Big Girl Bible which makes her really happy to take it to church on Sunday.  She loved how soft the cover is, and really loved the bright colors.  The bright blue background with the lime green out lined to the hot pink word Love is really catching as you can see from the picture below.
She loves how soft the cover is and how shiny the silver is around the edging.  Ten year old girls like sparkles and bright colors.  This Bible has both just on the front.  She also loved the hot pink inside cover with the pretty quote from Ephesians on it.  I loved that it has a place to write her name, the date given, who gave it to her, and a note from that person.  That makes it a keepsake in my book and gives me a spot to remind her I love her daily when she sees.  There are a few colorful maps in the back for reference and a 365 reading plan to follow as well.  I really love that there is a dictionary/concordance she can learn to use as she learns to read and study the Bible more on her own.

This Bible is done in the New Living Translation, which I am not as familiar with yet.  However it seems pretty easy to follow along with.  Emma is not a great reader yet and struggles to read but she can follow along okay so far with some help by an adult.  I wish the font was bigger for a younger reader to read easier but then I guess it would not be slimline.  

All in all it is a great first big girl Bible.  I think my daughter will enjoy growing into in the next year or so.  She is just not quite ready for this much of a grown up Bible.  She will be soon though with her reading continuing to get better. I feel good about the quality of the product and feel it will uphold to a young girls carrying of it.  I am happy to see her growing and learning in her faith with such a fun and colorful tool to help her as she moves from a kids Bible to a more grown up Bible.

Here is my Amazon review and you can check out other's as well.

Thanks Tyndale House for my free copy in return for my honest review of the product.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Not what you plan

This week has been a mess.

A beautiful mess

  I had two work functions at the start of the week, they went fine.  And then I planned to sleep and rest a few days gearing up for summer about to start.  Well, then Taylor spiked a fever on Monday night that lasted till this afternoon.  So instead of naps after the kids left for school, I watched cartoons, went on long strolls and did knock knock jokes.  We spent most of the week in PJ's and yoga pants and you know what, I loved it all.  Emma also spent yesterday at home, well actually at VCH having her hearing aid tested and upgraded.  That is about a two hour adventure in craziness and to top that off she went to an hour of speech.  She is a rock star!  Lea her American Girl doll also attended and helped picked the new colors for her new hearing aid mold.  Look out world she will be sporting glittered pink, purple and white molds soon!

Today I picked Emma up a little early and headed home.  A storm had passed through town earlier and I already knew we had no power at home.  However, I was surprised to find we had power but had lost half a tree while I was gone.  This afternoon became operation cut the tree up.  My dad came to help Daniel.  We spent a little time cutting and dragging it to the curb.  It became a great afternoon in the yard as a family working together.  Now, I could have lived without the downpour that occurred in the middle of cutting it down, but the rainbow Emma spotted was worth the soggy sports bra and shirt.  We had a dog come hang out that was not ours but we found it's owner about the time we dragged the last limb off.  He had gotten out of a fence up the road.  Emma did get her India Spice Cookies cooked in the middle of all this craziness and they are ready for food day tomorrow at school.  She had to choose India:)  Cardamom cookies are actually pretty good FYI:)

My women's group is studying a great book right now called Wonderlife by Mike Foster.  It is so good!  One of the key points I have taken away so far, is being happy in the season you are in.  Life is full of seasons, some good and some not.  Life for our family has been hard lately, but we have each other and the wonderful memories we strive to make each day.  Things do not have to be perfect for you to be okay with life.  You have to find peace in what is here and now.  God has a plan, I just need to trust and love!  Today did not go as planned, but tonight my house is still standing, my kids are happy and healthy in their beds, and my husband is relaxing while watching TV before bed.  God is Good !!