Sunday, May 24, 2015

Taylor tries soccer

So about a month ago, Taylor had his first soccer game!  I have not had time to blog about it yet, but want to make sure I don't forget such a big first in his life.  He has been waiting for weeks for his first game.  They were suppose to have started a week before this Saturday but it got cancelled due to rain.  It was  a chilly morning, but we were all excited to head to the soccer field!! Well excited we could be so early in the morning:)  

Singing in for his first game and for Daniel to get his team list.  Yes Daniel is his head coach!  Taylor calls him Coach Daddy!!  So cute and Daniel is enjoying getting to coach again.

 Can you tell how excited he was!!
 Getting his jersey!  
 So handsome in his first sports gear!!  Love it!!
 Sissy was dancing on the sideline I believe in this photo.  She has not been as happy having to sit and watch Taylor get to do something.  But after four years of it being the other way around it was way past time for him to get to try something fun.  She luckily has become a "big" sissy to a players little sister and they play and watch the game together.  
 this was during the little skills practice they have before they play a short game.  I love that they do practice and games all in one day.  This kids are young and they are focusing more on teaching basic skills and how to be a good sportsmen as well.  I love this about this league.  We are wanting him to learn, to grow and to have fun.  
 sitting out so some other friends could play
 proud of both of my boys!!  Week one down!  We have a few more games left and looking forward to them as well!  I loved that their second game was mother's day weekend and they gave all the mom's flowers from their players.  It was so cute when he handed me the white flower.  I loved it!!
 There is a cool park right by the field and since they both behaved we headed to play for a little while after the first game!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sweet Moment

These two photos made my heart sing today.  This month is one of those crazy months were I swear Emma has more appointments with doctors then play dates set up.  Next week we see two different doctors and then face major dental surgery at the hospital on Friday.  So, needless to say we are all a little stressed and medically over it all.  But then today a sweet neighbors little girl came over with her American Girl dolls and played with Emma and her new Our Generation doll.  They sat in her room and brushed their hair, talked about the dolls, outfits and books.  Then, they carefully brought their dolls out to have a tea party under the tree in our yard.  

Honestly, sometimes I get bogged down in the medical part of managing Emma's care.  I forget how much of a typical child she really is.  She just wants to sit and have a tea party with her friend.  She was so happy today and cant wait till Friday when they can hopefully play again.  I sat back and watched them and was once again reminded of how far she has come.  There were days when she was little that I fell to my knees and prayed she would be able to walk with her friends and play with dolls.  God is Good!  And I am so thankful for sweet moments like these where Emma is just a kid having fun with her doll.