Thursday, July 30, 2009

Big Girl Now!!

What a week! This past Friday we bought Emma a toddler bed at a yard sale. It is white wood and so cute. It has a few scratches but nothing big. Emma loves it! The first night was rough though. She got out of it and was in the middle of her room at two a.m. I heard her and went in there and she just smiled, like looked what I can do now. Her feet are able to reach the floor when she gets to the end and she scoots off onto her bottom, just for your FYI of how she gets out. (that is why we bought a toddler bed instead of a twin, they are lower to the floor). Then, she decided she did not want to sleep and stayed up for over an hour staring at me, while I sat in the floor and did the Nana 911 one method of sitting in the room, but not looking at the child. At three when Emma was still not sleeping, I gave in a put her in her crib and let her cry it out. She lasted a few minutes and then gave in to sleep. However, the last four nights she has sleep all night in her bed. She does still wake up for water and a diaper but she goes right back to sleep in her big girl bed. She has not fallen out yet, but we have caught her with her legs almost off the bed, but she was asleep. So we have adjusted well to a big bed with no sides. (well it has small sides on the head part). I am even now able to sleep okay and not jump up every time she rolls over to see what she is doing.

Nap is still not going well in the toddler bed, but I am not giving up. Emma is not a fan of napping right now anyway. I think I will make Daniel take the crib down now and just have her toddler bed in the room. Finally One less baby item:) Sad but a great moment for us all as she is finally able to do more things like her peers.

She is doing great with her crawling. She really likes it now. It is still weird to see her on her hands and knees and not just her bottom scooting. She still scoots on her bottom more then crawl, but she is still crawling. It is odd to have a much more mobile child, after all this time with her not so mobile. I love it all though. She is really pulling up more and more too. She is so close to pulling up to stand by furniture. Right now she can only get into tall kneeling, but that is great too!!

We meet with her school to start getting to know each other and working out issues we will face. Emma got to meet her teacher and her classmates too. They told the children about her chair and they all told her their names. Then, Emma got to meet the art teacher that comes twice a week to do art with the kids, and she sat in on part of a music class too. They get music, art and chapel once a week as well as their classroom activities. She loves her school already and I pray she still likes it when we leave her there:) I am a wreck about it but so excited too. I just keep telling myself, that it is only on MWF from 9-12. I will survive and Emma will thrive.

My sweet little baby is getting so big! Mommy is wishing for those days of bottles and sweet little snuggles. Luckily she still gives snuggles once and awhile, when you can get her to slow down for a few minutes.

So many changes but all good and well past time! My little angel!