Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Few Snapshots of Christmas 2010

Taylor's first stocking!

Cuz Tristan and Emma

Mommy and Emma decorating tissue paper at Cheekwood!

Daddy and Emma after her Choir Performance!
Hopefully I will have more soon! Happy Day of Jesus's birth!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa Baby

Had to share the very cute photo of my sweet girl with Santa. She was a pro this year at sitting in his lap. Two years ago this would not have happened without her screaming. Last year she sat there in tears, so we have come a long way! It is so cute, I thought you might like to see it too. My sweet friend made the little skirt she is wearing and it has bells. Fun to listen to as she walks around holding daddy hand. Which is how she walked up to BoBoBo as she calls him:) (started a few years back before she could say h words). She walked right up and said Hey BoBo! So cute!

Love all the Christmas fun we are having at our house. Emma loves this holiday and makes us turn on all the lights in our house as soon as she wakes up. She keeps taking ornaments off the tree and rearranging them, which is fine, the ones on the bottom are nonbreakable. She gets excited about everything we go and do, like decorating cookies today or making ornaments with Hudson. So much fun to be had this time of year, and loving all the memories we are making.

Love and Happy Holidays! Take a moment and cherish what is going on around you!