Sunday, August 11, 2013

Great First Week of First Grade

This week has been busy as we all adjust to being back in school.  Princess E had a great first week of school.  We only had one morning of pulling her out of bed, most days she was up early hanging out before school.  The best was the second morning, she got ready and walked out the door, after looking at my husband and saying "lets do this!"  I loved how excited she was to be back at school.  It was a long week though for her.  It is very tiring for her to be at school all day.  She tires easily and with the extra walking, changing back and forth between her regular education room and her special education room etc is a lot of focusing etc.  Thursday, I picked her up early because she was not feeling well.  Luckily she was just tired and it was not another ear infection like we feared.  She was able to return to school on Friday.

I have chatted with most of her teachers this week and her parapro and they all said she was adjusting well.  They have seen maturity growth from last year (the therapist who knew her reported), she is eating lunch much better, and seemed to be settling into the new room and routine well.  She even tried to help a little boy who was sad feel better!  love that!

Daddy and me are enjoying earlier bedtimes for Princess E and Prince T.  We get a little more time for us and our hobbies as well.  We are also going to bed early, since morning comes much earlier during the school year.  I am so lucky, that my husband takes her to school and I only pick up.  We are actually discussing allowing her to ride the bus home and save me from waking poor Prince T up from naptime and sitting in the car an hour.  E is so happy with that though!  We are waiting on approval for her bus right now!  I just hope I can handle it the day she rides home the first time!  I might have to follow the bus to our house;)

I am loving having the one on one time with the Prince again!  We have talked and played all week.  We go to storytime on Wednesday's and he loves that.  We also hit the Y Play twice while mommy worked out.  He loves the slide there and we might see daddy if he is at that location working that day.  That is a nice bonus when he is there.  Prince T is changing a lot lately and I plan on a post on him soon to catch you all up on him.

First grade changed Princess E a lot already.  She is now showering instead of bathing, she is talking more about school, (but tells me her brain cant think when she forgets something), she is trying new foods, and finally counted to 20 without messing up the teen numbers, and is clearly saying her alphabet as well.  This is all huge for her.  Things seem to be clicking right now and I hope that means she will be closing the academic gap soon.  I think first grade is off to a great start, and her team is working hard for her already.  Looking forward to week two!