Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Struggles as a mom

Okay so lately, I have been struggling with what type of SAHM mom to be.  Do I want to have a perfect house, spotless and a four course meal every night, like I think people expect of you when you stay at home?  Or do I want to live in the moment with my children and do the best I can with cleaning and cooking?  This week I have choosen to live in the moment.  Time is fleeting with my small children and they grow up way too fast.  So, my house might not be dust free and spotless, but we have had a blast playing in the park in this unusually warm winter weather!  I will get over my thinking of what people expect and enjoy the fact that I have made wonderful memories with my kids and enjoyed fun in the sun!  (please know my house is not a pigsty by any means).  I hate that as SAHM mom's we feel that we are expected to be Martha Stewart and have everything spotless and homemade.  We should have homes full of love, noisy and messy fun and happy kids.  So, what if we make frozen pizza because we played at the park to late, or if the clothes stay in the dryer another day.  My kids will only be little once and I dont want to look back and regret not playing on the rope ladder with Emma.  I am not a perfect mom but I am trying to live in the moment and have fun! So instead of cleaning this week, we have played and played at two different local parks.  Take a peak at our fun!

The smiles on their faces are much more rewarding, then a spotless house!