Sunday, June 21, 2015

Animal Camp

This past week I got to be Emma's aid while the kiddos attend a three day animal camp on a teacher at Emma's school farm.  I took my two kiddos and my nephew as well.  We had a great three days, well one day Daniel was the helper while I worked.  It was fun getting to experience all the cool animals and get to watch the kids have so much fun.  I was there to help the camp staff and Emma as needed.  Emma and Taylor found their love of animals and Taylor found his love of creek play.  I enjoyed learning about all kinds of animals and exploring the creek as well.  Well, besides the lizard I accidentally touched when flipping rocks for my nephew to find craw daddies:)  I may have squealed really loudly then.  Anyway, check out some of the fun we had during the camp.
My animal crew for the three days.  So much fun being apart of their fun week.
 How often do you get to get that close to a wallaby?  
 Austin and Roscoe hanging out.
 Taylor liked the little donkeys  
 hanging with the animals
 No these are not llamas wearing red pajamas they are actually alpacas.  
 Billy Goat Gruff
 chasing cousins:)  
 The tire swing was a big hit all three days!!
 learning to care for the animals

 helping serve dinner before leaving each day was so cool  

 Me and the lemur who hangs out in their kitchen.  

 Treble the singing dog was so cool!  He is a wild dog but he will let you pet him and he sang for us one day.  

 The animal guard dog Lilly, she keeps an eye on all the animals 

 Creek time with his girl friend of the week:) She is a much older lady too:)  They were so cute all week.  
 The creek was not Emma's favorite part of the day, it was hard for her to get down and up from the creek.  I did help carry her some.  Also it is scary for her to be walking on slick stones and in the water.  However, by day three she was a little more into the creek and even sat in the water to look under rocks with us.  Big steps for her.  
 Hudson loved creek time.  He can catch almost anything he found.  I enjoyed helping him look under rocks on the last day.  We found a salamander and a few craw daddies.  

 At the end of day three they got to choose an animal for a picture.  Taylor wanted a chicken, it took three workers and a few scratches to Mrs. Armstrong, but he got his pic with the chicken!

 Emma wanted a bunny, she wasn't so sure about holding it all by herself.  
 Patrick the baby goat!

We really had a lot of fun.  It was hot, but the farm is mostly shaded by trees and we went in to the house as needed.  The creek was cool and the water felt so good after a fun morning of meeting animals and learning all about them.  Thanks Armstrong Animal Adventures for a great three day camp.  We look forward to next year already!!  I am also thankful for allowing me to stay and help Emma have a good and safe experience.  She loves when she gets to be included in fun things like this.  Many memories were made, lots of sweat was sweated and we all went home tired and happy.  Win Win for all!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Childrens Bible Song Book Review!

If you are looking for a fun way to teach your kids some Bible stories, then I have the book for you.  My Sing-Along Bible 50 Easy-Read Stories*50 Fun Bible Songs created by Stephen Elkins is so cute and fun.  The book itself, is a soft-padded cover, easy to hold for young children, and full of beautiful drawings for each story.  The story is kept short for young readers, and is stated in words easy to understand. Every story also includes a little lesson side note to drive home the message.  The songs that go with each story are so catchy and easy to pick up by young little singers.

My four year old son is in love with this CD and gets mad when we talk over the songs.  I also have been enjoying the upbeat songs, that honestly dont drive a parent crazy hearing on repeat:)  My nine year old is enjoying reading the stories and helping my son follow along with the CD and the book together.

I find this book to be a winner on all accounts.  I would highly recommend it to any of my friends who have young children and are seeking to help them learn about the Bible in a fun and colorful way.  It would be great on any road trip this summer!!

Check out my review here or any of the other reviewers who have read and listened to this book.

I received this book free from the Tyndale House Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255

Friday, June 5, 2015

Field Day Post

Two weeks ago Emma' school had field day.  It was a cool, sunny day and everyone had a really good day.  It was a great day in Emma's book for sure.  I will admit field day is not my favorite day of the school year.  You take a physically challenged child and a day full of physical activity and things normally do not go well.  Last year Emma wore herself out and left at lunch after a bad fall.  But this year she was a trooper.  She sat out a few activities that involved jumping etc, but for the most part she was part of the class and had fun.  Her class was the sweetest class.  They always included her and helped her along.  No one was rude or hurtful and I love that about this class.  They all encouraged each other and just had fun.  Taylor attended with Daniel and myself and ended up just becoming one of the class.  He loved getting to be apart of all the fun!!  He thinks he is in second grade:) 
Here is a glimpse into our fun day! 

 Emma and her friend!!
 the water race is Emma's favorite each year!

 Scooter fun!
 Taking a break after jump roping
 her cheering squad
 A rare couple shot
 jump jump jump
 I really dont know why she sticks her tongue out when she is working hard:)  Must get that from her daddy
 They had a long lunch break and got to enjoy some down time on the school's laptop
 bean bag toss
 friends make the world go round

 my favorite part of the day, was when this sweet friend stayed at the top of the bouncy to help Emma get up and to yell at anyone who tried to come near her.  She did it all four times Emma went.  My heart was so full.  She has been a good friend all year to Emma.  Emma talked about getting to do the bouncy course for days.  She normally gets scared of bigger kids and doesnt do it at school.  This was her favorite part of the day.

I love Emma's school and am so thankful for such a loving supportive place.