Monday, March 28, 2011

Two Firsts for Taylor!

First trip to the Dr's office! First Trip to Mommy's Library/work!! Took Taylor to the dr today for his first check up. I have been so worried about if he was getting enough to eat or not, and have been freaking out that he was not gaining weight. I should not have been worried at all. Not only had he gotten back to his birth weight, he had gained another pound and now weighs ......drumroll...... 9 lbs 15 ozs and is in the 95th %. He is 21.5 inches long which is 75th% and his head is in the 90th %. Dr, was very pleased with it all and said he looked great and we were doing great. He did agree that we did have a good reason to be paranoid and worried, due to our past experience with Emma. But that with time we will relax and accept that he is healthy. I was glad he understood where we are coming from due to our past, which he is our dr for her as well, so he knows what we have been through. But I felt great knowing that he has gained so much weight! I even high fived Daniel! I was so proud of us both, breastfeeding has been hard but glad we are sticking to it. Taylor seems to be doing great because of it. It will take time for us to get use to have a child who is so high on the growth charts, when Emma is still not on them. We love them both, but they will both teach us such different lessons in life. I love both my big guy and tiny princess!! We also stopped by my work to get me some library books and show him off to my boss and coworkers. He slept through the whole thing but I was so happy to take him in briefly to see where mommy works. I can not wait to take him to storytimes and trips to get books. Emma and me are both book crazies and Ihope he will be too!! So today we had two firsts and had lots of fun! Looking forward to many more first!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

what a two weeks

Taylor is two weeks old already! Wow time has flown by. I can not believe that Daniel returns to work this week and I will be on my own now. I am nervous, as Taylor is still not really on a set schedule as I am still working on the whole breastfeeding thing, so having to also take back over total control of Emma while he is gone, is going to be challenging at times. I am lucky that my parents are picking her up at school this week, to keep me from having to get him out and lift her in and out of the car. I am still healing and very sore, so limiting how much I will lift her is key. I am so glad she is getting around so much better now, and I have bought three step stools to help that along as well. I am sure this week will be a challenge and tears will be shead on all fronts as we learn to wait and be patient with each other. My goal is to try to engage Emma in activties I can do while Taylor feeds:) We go to the dr for our first check up in the morning and I can not wait to find out if he has gained his weight back. I pray he has! Breastfeeding is so much harder then I thought and I would like to know that I have been giving him enough to gain and grow. We are hoping to get some photos done with my sister as well tomorrow. Big day! In one week Emma turns five!! yikes where did the time go?? Starting to work on her party stuff again, which is hard since I am still limited on traveling and so on. Hopefully this weekend we can figure some stuff out and get it all done. Doing a party at a dance studio and not at home which is a lifesaver for me. Just got to get a few items to decorate and eat. I am looking forward to not all the stress this year and to just having fun!! She will only turn 5 once! I will leave you with a few photos!

They stare at each other a lot!

Handsome boy! Wide awake! Precious!
Big Sister Emma giving little brother Taylor a sweet kiss!
Two Weeks old!
First stroller ride to the park!
love the lion on his bottom
Love my sit and stand stroller and this was our first trip, short walk in the sun!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Emma and her Baby!!

A few photos showing Emma meeting and loving her baby Taylor!!
Aunt Nay Brought Taylor over to meet his big sister who was not too sure.
Checking him out with daddy!

I think I might touch him now!

Pop took him and Emma sat next to them, but decided his blackberry was more fun.

She finally warmed up to him and decided to like him.

Mommy and her babies!

Baby with Emma in her room!

This is how they end every night all three curled up on the bed talking and reading. She loves her brother and just stares at him and kisses on him.

Helping him not cry by holding his paci in!

First holiday photo together! happy saint paddy's day!

Melt my heart! daddy with his loves!

They love each other! she calls him her baby!!

See Taylor here is the baby you gave me!
As you can see they love each other so much! Emma is being a great big sister and I am so proud of her. She is a little jealous since I am limited in how much I can do with her due to my recovery from surgery, but she loves the baby and kisses and hugs him all day long. She hates when he cries and wants him to go where she goes. I am so glad it has been a smooth transition to a family of four!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Taylor's Day of Birth!!

Friday March 11 started out before daybreak for my husband and me. I had him take one more photo of my huge 41 week belly in front of the same tree that I took my last pregnancy photo of Emma in front of. I know I am huge but we will soon find out why:)
This was the first view of my precious angel that we had. He is literally right over my head. Daniel took this shot as he sat beside me. I started crying right away and Daniel had to wipe my tears.

Taylor was taken to a warmer across from my OR bed and was wiped down and weighed. I could see the whole thing, and Daddy stood proudly by telling me what was going on. Taylor was testing his lungs out through most of it, telling us he was cozier inside.

The weigh in, and yes is reads 8 lbs 10 ozs. Now, I know why I was so big:)

I got to be wheeled to recovery with him in my arms, which is so much nicer then what happened after Emma's birth. They leave the babies with the mom's now at the hospital I delievered at, as long as both are okay, and it was so nice. I got to hold, feed him (which was amazing and he latched right on) and gaze at him while I slowly got feeling back from the spinal that was in place during surgery. Not all of my recovery went smoothly but having him nearby made it all okay.

I snapped this from my bed as I watched my husband fall in love with his son!

Look at the feet! They are huge!!

Daddy took his photo of his first bath!

Hanging out in the warmer as his proud grandparents watched from the window. Pop got his first looks as he was not able to visit while I was in recovery. They only allowed one other visitor and it was my mom. She took photos out to report!

Snug as a bug in a rug on the way to my postpartum room, where he stayed most of the next three days.

I will soon share photos and stories of Emma's first meeting, but for now, I must get some rest. My recovery is still slow and at times painful, but full of joy and love for my newly formed family of four!! Life is good and so is God!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Long Awaited Photos of Taylor

So sorry I have not posted about the birth of my son yet. It has been a whirlwind week. I am so tired that I will just post a few photos to show you how cute he is and how wonderful Emma is at being a big sister. I will try to post asap about his arrival and our first week at home.

So introducing Taylor Daniel he was born 3-11-11 at 7:47 am and weighed 8 lbs 10 oz and was 20 inches long!! I love him to death!!

Daddy's belly is cozy to sleep on!

They are in love with each other!

First storytime at home!

Pop with Emma and Taylor at their first meeting!

Mommy and Taylor Day 2

Weighing in!

My first view of my son!

Hope that will tide you over till I return!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Friday is the day!

I am finally going to meet my son in the morning! I am nervous, excited, scared, happy, and sad all rolled into one. I am a mess, maybe it is being almost a week overdue, but boy are my hormones crazy.

I am can't wait to see what he looks like, hold him in my arms and introduce him to his great big sister. I am looking forward to taking care of him in his first days unlike we were able to do with Emma who was in the NICU across town from me. Wow I am going to be a mom to two!

I am dreading that he in no longer a VBAC baby as I am completely stalled in labor and having to have a c-section early on Friday, but oh so ready to have him on the outside.

So for now I say good night as I am heading to bed and to enjoy my last hours of pregnancy. (this may be my last so I better cherish it). Emma is snuggled safely in bed at her Nana's and will be happily at school tomorrow playing with friends while I am in surgery. I am already looking forward to seeing her tomorrow afternoon. I hate to be without her. I just hope I can handle laughing at her after surgery:) She is so funny:)

Love to all

Monday, March 7, 2011


Still waiting for Taylor Daniel to make an appearance in this world. I was due this past Saturday, and thought I was in real labor on Sunday, but still in early stages and waiting and waiting and waiting. I did have an ultrasound to check weight, fluid, and cord blood flow. All looked good and he sounded good yesterday at the hospital. Little stinker does not want out! I will continue to wait it out as long as he is okay, I really do not want a repeat C-section. Emma is so much more independent but still needs help, so we are trying to do what will have me down the least amount of time. (she is on spring break next week, which is bad timing, but Daniel will be home, my mom is around three days and his mom took off two days to help keep her entertained and happy).

Tonight a good friend took me for a pedicure and some yummy frozen yogurt! It was a nice little outing and really picked up my spirits. I was so down today and so focused on how uncomfortable I was, but after two hours of relaxing and chatting with a friend who understands the struggles of raising a special needs child, I am renewed and feeling uplifted. Plus, I have really pretty blue toes in honor of hopefully meeting my son!! So glad for friends who understand and know when you need a mommy break!

Emma by the way is still peeing strong:) We bought a potty ring for our toilet and she loves it. So goes potty, takes like two squares of toilet paper, tries to wipe, and then says flush. Then, she wants to go again and normally does. (she does not totally empty her bladder due to her kidney issues). She still gets so excited when she pees and gives us the thumbs up and laughs. Makes me smile and I am so proud of her.

Well, hopefully my next post will be about my son's birth.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


So for the last week Emma has decided to be into trying to potty again. I am amazed, she actually will go when we put her on it, and it seems to be on purpose not on accident like she use to. But her face when she goes is so funny that we just laugh. Then, she uses her Kando wipes like such a big girl. Love love it! However, odd timing, since it is so hard for me to take her on and off the little potty due to my huge belly and all the craziness going on with the soon arrival of her brother. But we bouht a seat for a normal potty tonight to help out and maybe try at school. Not sure if she will ever be totally potty trained but hey we will take what we get. Now, I just wonder if she is finally getting some feeling in the nerves that control bladder or what?? Questions to ask her urologist when we see him in April.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Emma on the playground

Today, Emma's class was on the playground when I got there to pick her up. It is warm out today and suppose to storm tomorrow, so I decided to let her stay and play. It was so fun to watch her interact with her peers. The school has a great little playground, Emma can climb the stairs on her own, and under the play structure is the rubber material which is great for Emma. She first found a truck and was wheeling it around on her knees just singing. She stopped to play with her friend Lilly and then another friend Abbey. She started going up the stairs with her truck, which was hard but she did it a few times, then pushed it down the slide and then went down herself. After about three times she convinced her friend Abbey to carry up the stairs and then give it to her. I thought it was smart that she found an easier way to do what she wanted:) Her little friend was sweet to do it, and spent the whole time telling Emma one more step you got it. Loved it!!

Then, her male teacher started playing tag with some kids and he took her hand and helped her run with him to play tag. She was just squealing and laughing. All the kids were running and playing it was amazing to watch. Her face was a glow with joy and she was so happy. He helped her run around for a while then let her down. She got mad and went and pouted for a minute, before rejoining them with her walker to help her run, her friend Hudson had brought it to her and said come on lets run. Love that boy! So she followed Hudson to rejoin the group playing tag.

So neat to see how some of the kids so get her and what she needs to be included and they do it without prompting from the teachers or me. I was amazed and so proud of all of them. It is nice to know she does fit in and has such great friends. With her speech delay it is so hard to know what goes on at school etc that it is nice when I get these glimpses into her day and life at school. So happy she has such sweet kids who love her for her and want to play and have fun with her. Wow what a fun time on the playground.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dear Taylor

Dearest Taylor,

Your arrival should be any day now, and mommy is so excited (so is daddy and everyone else in the family). I can not believe that nine months is almost over, okay I know the last few weeks you might have heard mommy say otherwise, but I did not mean it. In a total honest moment mommy will be sad when this is all over, I have had you to myself for so long but now I will have to share you. But no worries we will still have our late night time together I am sure:)

I have loved feeling you move and kick inside my expanding belly. You are so strong and such a comedian already. You have mooned the doctor more then once, and you love to stick your bottom out for me to rub. If this is how you act in the womb, I am curious to see how you are on the outside. I think you just might have your daddy's sense of humor:) You are a strong kicker and use to make my belly jump for hours late at night. I would sit on the couch and read, while laughing at you bouncing around. You also did that when Daddy got home and started talking. Some nights I would have to send him out of the room so you would calm down. Hate to warn you though that Emma is a daddy girl so you will have to share him.

I have loved growing you these last months, but now I long to hold you in my arms and see your face. I have had so many dreams of who you are and what you will be, and look forward to seeing you grow and change. I can not wait to see you sleep in your nursery that Daddy worked so hard on and rock you in the recliner. You are loved and will be loved forever and forever. You are so wanted and long awaited and someday I will share the story of the journey to have you. You are a miracle and loved by God.

See you soon my little boy!