Friday, March 4, 2011

Emma on the playground

Today, Emma's class was on the playground when I got there to pick her up. It is warm out today and suppose to storm tomorrow, so I decided to let her stay and play. It was so fun to watch her interact with her peers. The school has a great little playground, Emma can climb the stairs on her own, and under the play structure is the rubber material which is great for Emma. She first found a truck and was wheeling it around on her knees just singing. She stopped to play with her friend Lilly and then another friend Abbey. She started going up the stairs with her truck, which was hard but she did it a few times, then pushed it down the slide and then went down herself. After about three times she convinced her friend Abbey to carry up the stairs and then give it to her. I thought it was smart that she found an easier way to do what she wanted:) Her little friend was sweet to do it, and spent the whole time telling Emma one more step you got it. Loved it!!

Then, her male teacher started playing tag with some kids and he took her hand and helped her run with him to play tag. She was just squealing and laughing. All the kids were running and playing it was amazing to watch. Her face was a glow with joy and she was so happy. He helped her run around for a while then let her down. She got mad and went and pouted for a minute, before rejoining them with her walker to help her run, her friend Hudson had brought it to her and said come on lets run. Love that boy! So she followed Hudson to rejoin the group playing tag.

So neat to see how some of the kids so get her and what she needs to be included and they do it without prompting from the teachers or me. I was amazed and so proud of all of them. It is nice to know she does fit in and has such great friends. With her speech delay it is so hard to know what goes on at school etc that it is nice when I get these glimpses into her day and life at school. So happy she has such sweet kids who love her for her and want to play and have fun with her. Wow what a fun time on the playground.

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