Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dear Taylor

Dearest Taylor,

Your arrival should be any day now, and mommy is so excited (so is daddy and everyone else in the family). I can not believe that nine months is almost over, okay I know the last few weeks you might have heard mommy say otherwise, but I did not mean it. In a total honest moment mommy will be sad when this is all over, I have had you to myself for so long but now I will have to share you. But no worries we will still have our late night time together I am sure:)

I have loved feeling you move and kick inside my expanding belly. You are so strong and such a comedian already. You have mooned the doctor more then once, and you love to stick your bottom out for me to rub. If this is how you act in the womb, I am curious to see how you are on the outside. I think you just might have your daddy's sense of humor:) You are a strong kicker and use to make my belly jump for hours late at night. I would sit on the couch and read, while laughing at you bouncing around. You also did that when Daddy got home and started talking. Some nights I would have to send him out of the room so you would calm down. Hate to warn you though that Emma is a daddy girl so you will have to share him.

I have loved growing you these last months, but now I long to hold you in my arms and see your face. I have had so many dreams of who you are and what you will be, and look forward to seeing you grow and change. I can not wait to see you sleep in your nursery that Daddy worked so hard on and rock you in the recliner. You are loved and will be loved forever and forever. You are so wanted and long awaited and someday I will share the story of the journey to have you. You are a miracle and loved by God.

See you soon my little boy!


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ChildTalk said...

What a beautiful post! I was so ready to give birth to my daughter...and then as soon as I did, I missed the feeling of her snug inside of me. Such a bittersweet thing, isn't it? Hoping you get to meet your little one soon. :)