Saturday, March 5, 2011


So for the last week Emma has decided to be into trying to potty again. I am amazed, she actually will go when we put her on it, and it seems to be on purpose not on accident like she use to. But her face when she goes is so funny that we just laugh. Then, she uses her Kando wipes like such a big girl. Love love it! However, odd timing, since it is so hard for me to take her on and off the little potty due to my huge belly and all the craziness going on with the soon arrival of her brother. But we bouht a seat for a normal potty tonight to help out and maybe try at school. Not sure if she will ever be totally potty trained but hey we will take what we get. Now, I just wonder if she is finally getting some feeling in the nerves that control bladder or what?? Questions to ask her urologist when we see him in April.

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Adrienne said...

yes! yes! yes! maybe she is! Also, just a thought, maybe this is coming along with her language development too? I am so proud for you both!