Monday, March 28, 2011

Two Firsts for Taylor!

First trip to the Dr's office! First Trip to Mommy's Library/work!! Took Taylor to the dr today for his first check up. I have been so worried about if he was getting enough to eat or not, and have been freaking out that he was not gaining weight. I should not have been worried at all. Not only had he gotten back to his birth weight, he had gained another pound and now weighs ......drumroll...... 9 lbs 15 ozs and is in the 95th %. He is 21.5 inches long which is 75th% and his head is in the 90th %. Dr, was very pleased with it all and said he looked great and we were doing great. He did agree that we did have a good reason to be paranoid and worried, due to our past experience with Emma. But that with time we will relax and accept that he is healthy. I was glad he understood where we are coming from due to our past, which he is our dr for her as well, so he knows what we have been through. But I felt great knowing that he has gained so much weight! I even high fived Daniel! I was so proud of us both, breastfeeding has been hard but glad we are sticking to it. Taylor seems to be doing great because of it. It will take time for us to get use to have a child who is so high on the growth charts, when Emma is still not on them. We love them both, but they will both teach us such different lessons in life. I love both my big guy and tiny princess!! We also stopped by my work to get me some library books and show him off to my boss and coworkers. He slept through the whole thing but I was so happy to take him in briefly to see where mommy works. I can not wait to take him to storytimes and trips to get books. Emma and me are both book crazies and Ihope he will be too!! So today we had two firsts and had lots of fun! Looking forward to many more first!!

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Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

Congrats Rachel on your sweet, healthy baby boy!

Whew, I know those first weeks are ROUGH. You are doing great.