Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My baby girl is turning five!!!

Emma a few days old! Emma a week before turning five!!
I am preparing for Emma's family birthday tomorrow. Five years ago tomorrow, I gave birth to my sweet girl. Boy time flies by really fast! I can not believe she will be five, seems like yesterday I gave birth to her. I love making her birthday special, tomorrow we will celebrate as a family and on Saturday she will have her first party with her school friends at a local dance studio. I am so excited for both. Tomorrow she will have her new shirt that says I am five! (well if I get done sewing it), and take a special treat to her school friends. We send gold fish since she hates cake. Then, we are picking her up to go to a local toy store that has a live Easter Bunny display, and then we are eating with my side of the family at a mexican place we all love!! Cant wait! I will also decorate the house a little and she will get to open presents! Looking forward to having Taylor along with us for his big sister's bday fun!!

I will post photos and share all as the fun unfolds!!

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