Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Day at the Dr's in pics!

I thought I would share a little bit about our day of Dr's through some photo I took! I did not attend the first appt. at the audiologist but this is what I was doing while Daddy and Emma were there, snuggling and playing with Taylor! He loves his mirror.
I meet Daddy and Emma at a local park so we could ride together. Here they come to get in the car. Still love watching her walk.
In the parking garage heading in to Vandy Children's to eat at Taco Bell in the food court before going up to the kidney doc.
Waiting on her chips and roll up! This is before she tried to escape to go find daddy.
Talking to brother who was asleep in the stroller.
In the waiting room! New toy in the waiting room, it really got Emma excited.
Playing on the floor in the exam room. She was playing Ring around the Rosie.
After a great visit with Dr. Pope, where we learned that her kidneys have had no change, which is what we want. Emma went downstairs to be part of a special concert for the kids at the hospital. She really wanted to play the guitar but the boy got it first. She loved it they got to get on stage, play instruments, and write a song with the pretty girl in the picture.
The group name that did the show.
A group shot of the band:)

So, as you can see it was a long day, but a fun day as well. We try hard to make these day's a positive experience since she sees so many dr's. We want her to remember fun not just pain. Luckily no pain was had on this day, neither dr did anything painful. Daniel even said she was laughing during her Renal Ultrasound:) She got three stickers for being so good:)

Happy Easter to you all! Will share Easter photos soon!!

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