Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hi Ho Hi Ho to Dr's we must go!

Tomorrow we go to two doctors with Ms. Emma. We are going for another type of hearing test, please pray we find out why she does not hear us and talk so loud. Then in the afternoon we will be going to see our favorite surgeon/urologist Dr. Pope! We love him and cant wait to show her walking and introduce him to Taylor. He has been with us since birth and done over four surgeries on Emma, so we are tight. He acutally listens to us and takes time to talk with us about her care and needs. We are hoping to talk to him about if she will ever be able to be potty trained? We have not known in the past if she would regain control of her bladder so I am wondering what he thinks now, but am afraid he is going to want testing done to check on her kidney function levels etc and that is no fun for many reason which I will share if he does that. He has not made her have them in way over a year so I know it is coming. But maybe not.

We will also be having her five year check up very soon and that should be fun not! TO many shots this time, but she rebounds quickly. I think that will be in a week or so I forget. We are also working on making appts with her ortho dr and her general surgeon as well. It is that time of year where every one of her many drs wants to see her. NEver fun for us as we worry that something migh have changed etc but we must go. However, so excited to show off her new skills:)

Taylor had his first sick appt this last weekend on Sunday. He has a cold and was running a slight fever. But so far it is not serious, he just sounds like a pig with all his snorting, so cute!! He has gained another pound which is good and is eating pretty well and sleeping good at night. He normally sleeps at least four hours at one time and then three at a time after that. So not too bad. Sister is still in love with him and driving me slightly crazy by not leaving him alone ever. Still working on that, especially if he is eating or sleeping.

So there you have it life right now. Looking forward to Easter this weekend and time with Family!!!

Here are a few photos just for fun!

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