Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ballet Princess

Wow I wish I could really express how amazing Saturday's birthday party for Emma really was. I can try, but unless you have walked the bumpy path we have been on with her, you will never understand what a miracle we watched happen at a five year old's party. There were tears in many people's eyes as we watched Emma DANCE!!!

I have always gone a little crazy with Emma's birthday parties. She has had a backyard carnival with games, an art party, a huge cookout, and a huge Elmo party. I have spent hours planning and making sure her party was full of things she was able to do with her ablitites and with her friends. I mean my poor husband has watched me freak out when I cant find the perfect table decoration etc. This seeking perfection, I believe comes from trying to make sure her parties are Emma friendly and I feel that I have been trying to make up a little for all the drs and such she goes through. I want to make her day of birth full of happy memories instead of the day full of fear and unknown, which is what her acutal day of birth was.

This year however, with Taylor coming so near her birthday we opted to have her party outside of the home and invite her friends from school. We could not afford Bouce U or anywhere like that but I remembered that the dance studio she took a summer camp at this past summer, did parties and it was not badly priced and was nearby!! So, we booked the studio with an instructor to do a 45 minute class with the kids. It was nice to not worry about my house etc and just order a cake, pick up some goody bag fillers, paper goods and and a few snacks and show up. So easy!! I knew it would be fun, but did not realize how emotional it would be.

A year ago, Emma was starting to use her walker more then her wheelchair, but was not walking without full support! This year, she was DANCING around the room twirling her princess skirt!!! I sat there watching her do the chicken dance and was so amazed at how far she has come. I have a walker! Wow that is hard to believe after almost losing hope that it would ever happen. It took five years but it was worth it to see her smiling, laughing and Dancing all over the place with her friends right beside her. For once she was not missing out or needing help or using a device, she was flying solo! My husband and me sat back and just watched and laughed at thier silly dances and faces. I will never forget watching her dance around and just laugh the whole time! It was an amazing day full of fun, memories and great friends and family!!!

God is GOOD all the Time!!


Tracy said...

So awesome! Its so awesome to see to see Emma up and twirling around all on her own.

kate said...

I am so proud of her and of you. I know it has been a long road. She is so cute in the pictures. It looks like she had lots of fun.