Friday, March 28, 2014

A little of Spring Break Fun...

Between being sick and Emma healing, spring break has been pretty laid back. Not to mention the snow and rain!  However, we have had a little fun, mostly at home.

Here is a glimpse into our fun!
We made marble paper!

 We watched it snow!

 We worked on teaching Taylor colors, with this fun pom pom drop game!

 We got cool books from mommies work friends!
 More snow to bad it did not last!
 Made some bunnies to decorate!

 We did lots and lots of shows for mom and dad, so many I put a curtain up for them to look more real!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Sorry for no update on Emma.  We spent the first four days after her surgery just focusing on her and being a family.  She is doing wonderful.  She went pain med free Sunday afternoon and besides messing with the cotton balls we have to keep in it, she is doing fine!

She actually did really well from the start.  They warned us of the high chance of her throwing up and being dizzy, but she never threw up.  She slept and laid around for about a day, but after that she wanted to play for short times.  We had to really watch her walking around and stuff but other then that she was able to play for a bit before tiring out.  She has finally found her appetite again and for the last two days has ate nonstop.  This is such a good thing, since she was sick almost a full week before surgery and ate hardly nothing.  I am really happy to see her eating and wanting food again.

We have not seen as many emotional side affects this go around so far!  We spent a lot of time preparing her for this surgery and talking to her since the surgery.  She is a little more clingy but not to bad.  She did have a few days of pretty major mood swings, but we feel that was all the OR meds leaving her system.  She has talked to us a little about her time awake in the OR, which is new.  She told us the nurse held her and sang a song about a turtle.  She has told us that more then once.  We believe her since she did have one hearing aid in, and she was a little fussy when they took her from us.  So, I believe they did decide to hold her while they sedated her.  She told us that the nurse was really nice for doing that:)  It was so cute and made me cry to know they did something so sweet during such a stressful time for Emma.

All in all we are glad this is behind us, besides the healing!  She did really well and we all got to spend a few slower days at home.  I really enjoyed that!  I also enjoyed family and friends taking care of us!!!  We had lunches brought to us by family, friends bringing dinner,and Emma has gotten about thirty cards in the mail!  We also got a flower delivery and a fruit delivery!  Which was fun and exciting!  Emma also got many other goodies from friends and family ranging from balloons, stickers, books, stuff animals and so much more!  Emma has felt very loved and so have the family!  Blessed beyond belief!  Thanks to family and friends for the extra care and time you have spent caring for my family!  (Taylor also got many little gifts as well).  We are doing really well and are finally having a little bit of spring break fun between resting and healing!

Here are a few photos from her recovery!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tired but home

Thanks for the prayers Emma is home resting and healing.  Things went well today for her eardrum repair.  She is finally asleep and we will be following shortly.  It was a long day.  Praying the night goes well and we continue to not see any throwing up!  That is a high likelyhood with ear surgeries but so far so good. I will post more after some sleep!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Just a touch of green day fun!

So, since Emma got to start her spring break a day early, in hopes to keep her healthy, we had St. Patty's day fun at home.  I planned a few fun activities to do throughout the day and we all had a lot of fun.

First we made Irish Soda bread!  It was a lot of fun to try to make, and Emma really liked it.  Taylor did not try it, but it was pretty tasty.  I was impressed we pulled it off.  However, I am not sure what real Irish bread taste like but it was good.  Plus, we had a lot of fun making it.  My kids love to make food!

Then I had stuff for them to make a shamrock mosaic set out on the table.  They thought that was fun and they always love to use glue on any project.  They turned out really cute and are hanging in the dinning room for us to enjoy.

The last planned activity was making a pot of gold rainbow painting.  This was fun to watch them do, Taylor had so much fun going crazy with his dots and Emma was really set on making them look neat.  I did help them on this with making faint color lines to help them know what colors to put and yes I know they are missing indigo!  lol!  This was a fun before dinner project and they also look great on our art line in the dinning room.

All in all it was a fun day and we were all health!! Yippeeeeeeee!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

And they all fall down

Tuesday, Taylor's actual birthday, we spent the afternoon playing in the warm spring sunshine.  Then, it was her school's spirit night at Logan's so we went there for his bday dinner.  We had a great night, till around 10 when Emma starting throwing up.  So, we spent Wednesday with Emma sleeping most of the day, but getting better, then she got sick again, then came Thursday.  Oh Thursday!  I woke up to take over care of the kids while Daniel went to work, by ten I was really sick and he was also on the way home sick.  I had my parents come rescue Taylor who was running laps bored around the house.  Emma was feeling better and happily watching Tinkerbell movies.  Within minutes of me and Daniel passing out on the couch and the bed, my mom called and Taylor was sick at her house!  So three of us really sick and one barely well.  What a long day Thursday was!  I thought Emma was well enough to go back to school Friday but by 11 she was running a fever and we had to go get her.  She was really sick Friday and Saturday morning.  The doctor told us it could last a week!

We were suppose to be at the special needs camp we love this weekend and had decided to suck it up and go not feeling a hundred precent but I was in the middle of packing when the school called.  So instead we slept and rested most of the weekend.  Tomorrow is a make up snow day for her school but Emma will be kept home in hopes she stays well enough to still have surgery on Wednesday.  I am still lysol wiping everything we touch and praying we are all well now!  I have done so much laundry it is not even funny.

I am just glad that in the ten years we have been married this is the first time we have both been sick and both kids.  I do not suggest it!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Choo Choo Party

A very special boy is hours away from turning three but we celebrated a little early and had his party on Sunday.  My little train lover got a full on Train party!  I had so much fun making train themed decorations and my mom scored some awesome train themed party goodies on clearance at Target and through Amazon.  It all came together pretty fast and Taylor helped picked his cake which of course was Thomas!

I put up a few decorations during the week (during the three snow days at home last week) but after her went to bed on Saturday I finished.  He was so excited Sunday morning and we heard lots of Wows as he walked through the house to come to our room!  It made me so happy.  He loved it all and was so excited.  Luckily the weather turned out to be warmer then expected and we were able to move a lot of the party outside.  The few kids and him ran and ran and played.  He got a new scooter from an amazing family friend and he rode it up and down the sidewalk!  It was just an amazing afternoon full of family, friends and lots of laughter!

Favorite moment, was he actually liked being sang to this year (last year he screamed) and when we stopped he was just grinning and waiting for us to sing more and Emma went and hit his back to make him blow out the candles!  It was hilarious, she yelled "Come on buddy blow them out!"

Party pics!!

A few decorations!

 A through some bubbles, balls, bikes and cars outside to have some outside fun!

 Painting trains!

 Cake time!


 Back out to play more!

 Reading with dad and new book!
 We had make your own pizza night together as a family after everyone left!  It was a tasty way to end the fun filled day! 

 His future is so bright he has to wear shades!  Love this boy and cant believe he will be three tomorrow!