Monday, March 10, 2014

Choo Choo Party

A very special boy is hours away from turning three but we celebrated a little early and had his party on Sunday.  My little train lover got a full on Train party!  I had so much fun making train themed decorations and my mom scored some awesome train themed party goodies on clearance at Target and through Amazon.  It all came together pretty fast and Taylor helped picked his cake which of course was Thomas!

I put up a few decorations during the week (during the three snow days at home last week) but after her went to bed on Saturday I finished.  He was so excited Sunday morning and we heard lots of Wows as he walked through the house to come to our room!  It made me so happy.  He loved it all and was so excited.  Luckily the weather turned out to be warmer then expected and we were able to move a lot of the party outside.  The few kids and him ran and ran and played.  He got a new scooter from an amazing family friend and he rode it up and down the sidewalk!  It was just an amazing afternoon full of family, friends and lots of laughter!

Favorite moment, was he actually liked being sang to this year (last year he screamed) and when we stopped he was just grinning and waiting for us to sing more and Emma went and hit his back to make him blow out the candles!  It was hilarious, she yelled "Come on buddy blow them out!"

Party pics!!

A few decorations!

 A through some bubbles, balls, bikes and cars outside to have some outside fun!

 Painting trains!

 Cake time!


 Back out to play more!

 Reading with dad and new book!
 We had make your own pizza night together as a family after everyone left!  It was a tasty way to end the fun filled day! 

 His future is so bright he has to wear shades!  Love this boy and cant believe he will be three tomorrow!

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