Sunday, March 16, 2014

And they all fall down

Tuesday, Taylor's actual birthday, we spent the afternoon playing in the warm spring sunshine.  Then, it was her school's spirit night at Logan's so we went there for his bday dinner.  We had a great night, till around 10 when Emma starting throwing up.  So, we spent Wednesday with Emma sleeping most of the day, but getting better, then she got sick again, then came Thursday.  Oh Thursday!  I woke up to take over care of the kids while Daniel went to work, by ten I was really sick and he was also on the way home sick.  I had my parents come rescue Taylor who was running laps bored around the house.  Emma was feeling better and happily watching Tinkerbell movies.  Within minutes of me and Daniel passing out on the couch and the bed, my mom called and Taylor was sick at her house!  So three of us really sick and one barely well.  What a long day Thursday was!  I thought Emma was well enough to go back to school Friday but by 11 she was running a fever and we had to go get her.  She was really sick Friday and Saturday morning.  The doctor told us it could last a week!

We were suppose to be at the special needs camp we love this weekend and had decided to suck it up and go not feeling a hundred precent but I was in the middle of packing when the school called.  So instead we slept and rested most of the weekend.  Tomorrow is a make up snow day for her school but Emma will be kept home in hopes she stays well enough to still have surgery on Wednesday.  I am still lysol wiping everything we touch and praying we are all well now!  I have done so much laundry it is not even funny.

I am just glad that in the ten years we have been married this is the first time we have both been sick and both kids.  I do not suggest it!

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