Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Character Builder's Bible

The Character Builder's Bible: 60 Character-Building Stories from the Bible

I honestly love love children's books.  My house has them all over the place.  I love to review Tyndale Houses Children's Books because they are so well done.  I don't think I have had one I did not like.  This one however, in my current season on parenting, may quickly become my favorite.  

This book is so on point for what I am working hard to instill in my own children at this time.  I want to really focus on them learning godly character traits.  This beautiful book will help me to do this in a way my children can easily understand and it even ties it into everyday life for you.  I love when you can link Biblical stories with today it really helps children to see why these traits are so important.  

I love how large the book is, it makes it easy to use as a family time together.  Both of my children can see it while I read it with them.  I love how the title draws you into the story, then the statement to follow the story helps tie it up well.  Then, you get to read and see the cute little comic style everyday life application of the trait.  This will be a nice part for my child who doesn't understand abstract well.  It will show her a way that is true to what she sees weekly.

I am looking forward to using this book for a long time to come.  But if you don't trust my opinion then please go here to read mine and more reviewers opinions of this beautifully done book.

Thank you Tyndale house for allowing me to have a copy of this book for my honest opinion of the book in a blog review.  

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Wow The Good News in Four Words

Dandi Daley Mackall and Annabel Tempest did an amazing job bringing the story of salvation to life for kids and parents alike.  

In the words of my six year old : "It is about Jesus and is so awesome".  "My favorite part was the pages with the animals.  I liked counting them".  He really enjoyed this beautiful book. He is a very visual person and was drawn into the pictures and the simple layout of the words.  

I would totally recommend this to any christian family to add to their collection.  It lays the salvation story out in a way any child could hear and understand.  It shows how Adam and Eve sinned, how Jesus came to save us, and how the fruits of the spirits will grow in you when you accept Christ in your heart.  I also love that it had scriptures to help parents dive deeper into the meanings of each section of the book.  Which brings me to the fact the book is laid kind of out into four sections.  
Wow- God loves us
Uh-Oh -We sinned
Ahh- Saying yes to Jesus
Wow!- Growing in faith

The back of the book goes deeper into the scriptures that are laid out in story form for the children in the book.  It all together works well to teach the gospel on whatever level your child is on at the time.
I can not wait to share this amazing book with all my christian friends.
Check out more reviews here:  Amazon

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion of this book.  Thank you Tyndale House for allowing me to give my free opinion on this book.  

Monday, May 29, 2017

Do Baby Bears Have Mommies?

Thank you Tyndale house for a copy of this super cute children's book.  I am so glad to give my honest opinion on this cute book.

My son saw this book and started looking at it right away.  The sweet bears on the cover really got his attention.  The drawings are so adorable in this book.  The illustrator did an amazing job making them appeal to kids and adults alike.

The book is a great little question and answer book.  The words rhyme in a simple fashion that makes it easy to read aloud to your question hungry child.  It makes a great read aloud with a great message of God's love and amazing skills in creating the amazing world around us.

This is simply a sweet book any child will love.  Thank you Tyndale House again for allowing me to give my opinion about the book.  

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Bible Promises for Parents of Children with Special Needs Review

I do not know about you guys, but parenting is hard.  However, parenting a special needs child is really really hard.  I have been looking for a long time for a short and easy devotional to help on those really tough days.

I found it in this sweet little Bible Promise book.  They have scripture verses and short messages for almost any topic.  I love how I can just got to the topic that fits what I need or feel that day and be uplifted.  Time is precious but so is refueling our souls.  Being surrounded by God's word is so key in keeping yourself from losing your mind.  This little book will allow you to find a few quiet moments and regroup with words spoken by God.  I will be carrying this book everywhere with me from now on.

Thank you Tyndale house for such a great product for parents like me who need a quick word to refresh our souls and allow us to carry on the important work set before us.

I was given a copy by Tyndale house in exchange for an honest review.  Go to Amazon to read my review and other reviews about this simple but meaningful book.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Peace Where You Are

Thursday evening found me in my kitchen preparing dinner like most nights.  I had turned on the Moana soundtrack, and my son and I were singing along.  He was at the table working in a search and find book,  my daughter was getting ready for a shower, and my husband had just gotten home.  Life was just good and normal.  However, I was suddenly struck with a light bulb kind of moment while listening the the song "Where You Are".

You see for the past few months I have really struggled with how life was currently going.  I think I always thought at this point in my life I would be in a different spot.  Do not get me wrong I have always wanted to be a wife and mom, I played house for hours everyday growing up.  However, I also had other dreams and thoughts on how that would look.  God's plan and mine did not and do not always line up together.  So, I have been struggling lately with finding peace in the season of life I currently find myself.  It is funny how God can use a Disney song to help me find that peace.   Just a silly little moment of singing with my son, can be powerful.

I actually heard the words Moana was singing about "finding happiness where you are".  And it was like God said really loudly, "Hey why isnt this enough?  Why do you need more?"  I looked around with new eyes and realized my heart was happy and my anxiety was gone.  I was so happy to have spent the day with my kids in our pjs playing.  I was so thrilled to be making them a good dinner.  It was enough.  My life is more then enough.  It is blessed beyond my wildest dreams.  I never imaged how wonderful being a mom is and how being married to the man you love for 13 years and still loving him is amazing.  My heart is fully at peace now.  God has me where I am for a reason right now.  I may not understand but I do not have to.  I just have to Trust that He has a better plan.  Happiness if being at peace with who you are.  I am a wife, a mom, and a friend.  But most importantly I am a daughter of the One True King!!

Who knew a Disney song had so much power in it!  Life is good! Go and Love!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Be Bold Review

This is the coolest devotional I have seen in a long time.  This feeds my need to reflect on God's word in a fun and creative way that also feeds my creative side.  The coloring pages are beautiful and easy to color.  The devotions that go with each coloring page are relevant and easy to understand.  This is a great book to give to anyone who loves God and loves to express themselves through color.  I can not wait to spend more time exploring this unique devotional.

Ellen Elliot did a beautiful job making this book so user friendly.  The devotions are on topics that will speak to most people, and are easy to follow and understand.  Then, the coloring page will allow you to reflect and memorize a scripture while you color your stress away.  So grab your favorite coloring supplies, go to a nice quiet spot and allow God's word to flow over you as you enjoy Ellen Elliot's beautiful devotional Be Bold!!!

To check out my Amazon review click Here!

Thank you Tyndale House Publications for sending me a free copy in return for my true opinion on the book.

Monday, February 20, 2017

I woke up today tired and sore from working hard last night setting up for the kids consignment sale I consign and help at three times a year.  It is a very physical four hours of set up and I love it.  However, it leaves me sore more times then not.  I would have loved to do nothing today, but since the kids were out of school that was not an option.  After doing a few chores, we decided to load a picnic up and head to a local park.  I am pretty sure so did all of the town.  It was busy but it is beautiful today in Nashville. 

 We ate by our favorite pond.  Taylor and I spent a lot of time kneeling by the pond and looking for tiny fish and some kind of swimming lizard thing.  We had so much fun just staring into the water.  I love precious time like this with him.  Emma was slower to eat so she sat at the table finishing while we inspected the pond.  Which reminds me he wants a pond book from the library to learn more about ponds.  HE loves to read nonfiction books about water and animals.

After we were all done eating, we took a little hike.  We found an amazing trail that had tons of yellow buttercups growing and blooming.  It smelled heavenly and the cheerful yellow flowers were dancing in the slight breeze.  I of course had to put the kids in the middle and take a few photos.  Well Emma and my TMNT who came along:)  

We also found the story walk and read the winter book about what insects do during winter.  It was a cute book and a nice little trail hike for the kids.  I never get tired of watching Emma walk and read.  Every now and then it just hits me how amazing that is, she was so physically delayed for so long.  Not too mention she is deaf without her devices.  So watching her walk along the path and stop and try to read to us the book pages, took my breath away.  Emma was getting tired after the few hills we went up, so we headed to the dirt park to let Taylor play a little and us rest.

We were surprised when Daddy stopped by on the way to his next location.  He went back to the pond with us and saw some fishy.  Then we surprised him with a Starbucks treat after we left the park.  The kids and I also enjoyed a treat on our drive home.  Where we spent three more hours outside in the warm winter air.  They are both snoring in their beds and I will be soon as well.  Today was beautiful and precious.