Monday, February 20, 2017

I woke up today tired and sore from working hard last night setting up for the kids consignment sale I consign and help at three times a year.  It is a very physical four hours of set up and I love it.  However, it leaves me sore more times then not.  I would have loved to do nothing today, but since the kids were out of school that was not an option.  After doing a few chores, we decided to load a picnic up and head to a local park.  I am pretty sure so did all of the town.  It was busy but it is beautiful today in Nashville. 

 We ate by our favorite pond.  Taylor and I spent a lot of time kneeling by the pond and looking for tiny fish and some kind of swimming lizard thing.  We had so much fun just staring into the water.  I love precious time like this with him.  Emma was slower to eat so she sat at the table finishing while we inspected the pond.  Which reminds me he wants a pond book from the library to learn more about ponds.  HE loves to read nonfiction books about water and animals.

After we were all done eating, we took a little hike.  We found an amazing trail that had tons of yellow buttercups growing and blooming.  It smelled heavenly and the cheerful yellow flowers were dancing in the slight breeze.  I of course had to put the kids in the middle and take a few photos.  Well Emma and my TMNT who came along:)  

We also found the story walk and read the winter book about what insects do during winter.  It was a cute book and a nice little trail hike for the kids.  I never get tired of watching Emma walk and read.  Every now and then it just hits me how amazing that is, she was so physically delayed for so long.  Not too mention she is deaf without her devices.  So watching her walk along the path and stop and try to read to us the book pages, took my breath away.  Emma was getting tired after the few hills we went up, so we headed to the dirt park to let Taylor play a little and us rest.

We were surprised when Daddy stopped by on the way to his next location.  He went back to the pond with us and saw some fishy.  Then we surprised him with a Starbucks treat after we left the park.  The kids and I also enjoyed a treat on our drive home.  Where we spent three more hours outside in the warm winter air.  They are both snoring in their beds and I will be soon as well.  Today was beautiful and precious.  


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