Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

Here is some of our Easter Fun, my camera is acting up so I am missing actually Easter morning and day. Hate it since I got some great shots, but you can enjoy the day before fun we. And we had a lot of fun!! Loved celebrating with my two kiddos, hubby and both sides of my family.

Opening the package Great Grandma sent from Washington.

Excited about her pretty dress that is in the package.

She loves this book series!
Taylor was not to sure about the bunnies she sent, but I love this photo!
Emma dying eggs!
Our little family at a local egg hunt!
Emma holding her brother for a Easter Prehunt photo!
Checking out her eggs
Emma won a grand prize egg!! She was so proud!
All Dressed up for Church!

Might be dressed like a lady but still a little bit of a tomboy!
Proud Daddy!
Proud Mommy!

Yes, Taylor is wearing a different outfit! He threw up as we got ready to leave for church! We were so lucky that our church offered a Saturday church to free up seats for visitors on Sunday. We opted to give up our seats on Sunday and went Saturday night! We hoped to sleep in Sunday but two little ones had other ideas! All in all it was a great Easter! Hopefully we will get our computer fixed and download the other half of Easter!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Day at the Dr's in pics!

I thought I would share a little bit about our day of Dr's through some photo I took! I did not attend the first appt. at the audiologist but this is what I was doing while Daddy and Emma were there, snuggling and playing with Taylor! He loves his mirror.
I meet Daddy and Emma at a local park so we could ride together. Here they come to get in the car. Still love watching her walk.
In the parking garage heading in to Vandy Children's to eat at Taco Bell in the food court before going up to the kidney doc.
Waiting on her chips and roll up! This is before she tried to escape to go find daddy.
Talking to brother who was asleep in the stroller.
In the waiting room! New toy in the waiting room, it really got Emma excited.
Playing on the floor in the exam room. She was playing Ring around the Rosie.
After a great visit with Dr. Pope, where we learned that her kidneys have had no change, which is what we want. Emma went downstairs to be part of a special concert for the kids at the hospital. She really wanted to play the guitar but the boy got it first. She loved it they got to get on stage, play instruments, and write a song with the pretty girl in the picture.
The group name that did the show.
A group shot of the band:)

So, as you can see it was a long day, but a fun day as well. We try hard to make these day's a positive experience since she sees so many dr's. We want her to remember fun not just pain. Luckily no pain was had on this day, neither dr did anything painful. Daniel even said she was laughing during her Renal Ultrasound:) She got three stickers for being so good:)

Happy Easter to you all! Will share Easter photos soon!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hi Ho Hi Ho to Dr's we must go!

Tomorrow we go to two doctors with Ms. Emma. We are going for another type of hearing test, please pray we find out why she does not hear us and talk so loud. Then in the afternoon we will be going to see our favorite surgeon/urologist Dr. Pope! We love him and cant wait to show her walking and introduce him to Taylor. He has been with us since birth and done over four surgeries on Emma, so we are tight. He acutally listens to us and takes time to talk with us about her care and needs. We are hoping to talk to him about if she will ever be able to be potty trained? We have not known in the past if she would regain control of her bladder so I am wondering what he thinks now, but am afraid he is going to want testing done to check on her kidney function levels etc and that is no fun for many reason which I will share if he does that. He has not made her have them in way over a year so I know it is coming. But maybe not.

We will also be having her five year check up very soon and that should be fun not! TO many shots this time, but she rebounds quickly. I think that will be in a week or so I forget. We are also working on making appts with her ortho dr and her general surgeon as well. It is that time of year where every one of her many drs wants to see her. NEver fun for us as we worry that something migh have changed etc but we must go. However, so excited to show off her new skills:)

Taylor had his first sick appt this last weekend on Sunday. He has a cold and was running a slight fever. But so far it is not serious, he just sounds like a pig with all his snorting, so cute!! He has gained another pound which is good and is eating pretty well and sleeping good at night. He normally sleeps at least four hours at one time and then three at a time after that. So not too bad. Sister is still in love with him and driving me slightly crazy by not leaving him alone ever. Still working on that, especially if he is eating or sleeping.

So there you have it life right now. Looking forward to Easter this weekend and time with Family!!!

Here are a few photos just for fun!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Days in Photos!

These warm days this is how Taylor Rolls! While Big Sister Swings from the bars!
Taylor Chills on Meme's Deck!
Emma plays ball with me in the garage!
While Taylor snoozes in his seat!
We spend hours playing in our water table (thanks Meme and Pop)
Emma chases after her little Cuz Hudson in the driveway!
Baby gets pushed all around the yard.

This is a little of how we spend these wonderfully warm but not blistering hot days! Emma loves to be outside playing and this year it is even more fun as she is able to walk and get around so much better. She is so much stronger and is exploring the outdoors from standing and loving every minute. Taylor seems to not mind being outdoors either and normally is either in the sleepy wrap or in the stroller snoozing away! Life is good!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ballet Princess

Wow I wish I could really express how amazing Saturday's birthday party for Emma really was. I can try, but unless you have walked the bumpy path we have been on with her, you will never understand what a miracle we watched happen at a five year old's party. There were tears in many people's eyes as we watched Emma DANCE!!!

I have always gone a little crazy with Emma's birthday parties. She has had a backyard carnival with games, an art party, a huge cookout, and a huge Elmo party. I have spent hours planning and making sure her party was full of things she was able to do with her ablitites and with her friends. I mean my poor husband has watched me freak out when I cant find the perfect table decoration etc. This seeking perfection, I believe comes from trying to make sure her parties are Emma friendly and I feel that I have been trying to make up a little for all the drs and such she goes through. I want to make her day of birth full of happy memories instead of the day full of fear and unknown, which is what her acutal day of birth was.

This year however, with Taylor coming so near her birthday we opted to have her party outside of the home and invite her friends from school. We could not afford Bouce U or anywhere like that but I remembered that the dance studio she took a summer camp at this past summer, did parties and it was not badly priced and was nearby!! So, we booked the studio with an instructor to do a 45 minute class with the kids. It was nice to not worry about my house etc and just order a cake, pick up some goody bag fillers, paper goods and and a few snacks and show up. So easy!! I knew it would be fun, but did not realize how emotional it would be.

A year ago, Emma was starting to use her walker more then her wheelchair, but was not walking without full support! This year, she was DANCING around the room twirling her princess skirt!!! I sat there watching her do the chicken dance and was so amazed at how far she has come. I have a walker! Wow that is hard to believe after almost losing hope that it would ever happen. It took five years but it was worth it to see her smiling, laughing and Dancing all over the place with her friends right beside her. For once she was not missing out or needing help or using a device, she was flying solo! My husband and me sat back and just watched and laughed at thier silly dances and faces. I will never forget watching her dance around and just laugh the whole time! It was an amazing day full of fun, memories and great friends and family!!!

God is GOOD all the Time!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Preview of One of the Best Days of Mommyhood Ever!

When I get some rest I will share all about her party and her birthday, but wanted to share a preview of what took place. Honestly today was incredible and will never be forgotten by those who love Emma and have watched her struggle for so long. Today was amazing!!!! Look at my Princess Dancing by herself!!! Amazing!! Five years in the making! More to come later, must rest now!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My baby girl is turning five!!!

Emma a few days old! Emma a week before turning five!!
I am preparing for Emma's family birthday tomorrow. Five years ago tomorrow, I gave birth to my sweet girl. Boy time flies by really fast! I can not believe she will be five, seems like yesterday I gave birth to her. I love making her birthday special, tomorrow we will celebrate as a family and on Saturday she will have her first party with her school friends at a local dance studio. I am so excited for both. Tomorrow she will have her new shirt that says I am five! (well if I get done sewing it), and take a special treat to her school friends. We send gold fish since she hates cake. Then, we are picking her up to go to a local toy store that has a live Easter Bunny display, and then we are eating with my side of the family at a mexican place we all love!! Cant wait! I will also decorate the house a little and she will get to open presents! Looking forward to having Taylor along with us for his big sister's bday fun!!

I will post photos and share all as the fun unfolds!!