Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Days in Photos!

These warm days this is how Taylor Rolls! While Big Sister Swings from the bars!
Taylor Chills on Meme's Deck!
Emma plays ball with me in the garage!
While Taylor snoozes in his seat!
We spend hours playing in our water table (thanks Meme and Pop)
Emma chases after her little Cuz Hudson in the driveway!
Baby gets pushed all around the yard.

This is a little of how we spend these wonderfully warm but not blistering hot days! Emma loves to be outside playing and this year it is even more fun as she is able to walk and get around so much better. She is so much stronger and is exploring the outdoors from standing and loving every minute. Taylor seems to not mind being outdoors either and normally is either in the sleepy wrap or in the stroller snoozing away! Life is good!!

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