Sunday, March 20, 2011

Taylor's Day of Birth!!

Friday March 11 started out before daybreak for my husband and me. I had him take one more photo of my huge 41 week belly in front of the same tree that I took my last pregnancy photo of Emma in front of. I know I am huge but we will soon find out why:)
This was the first view of my precious angel that we had. He is literally right over my head. Daniel took this shot as he sat beside me. I started crying right away and Daniel had to wipe my tears.

Taylor was taken to a warmer across from my OR bed and was wiped down and weighed. I could see the whole thing, and Daddy stood proudly by telling me what was going on. Taylor was testing his lungs out through most of it, telling us he was cozier inside.

The weigh in, and yes is reads 8 lbs 10 ozs. Now, I know why I was so big:)

I got to be wheeled to recovery with him in my arms, which is so much nicer then what happened after Emma's birth. They leave the babies with the mom's now at the hospital I delievered at, as long as both are okay, and it was so nice. I got to hold, feed him (which was amazing and he latched right on) and gaze at him while I slowly got feeling back from the spinal that was in place during surgery. Not all of my recovery went smoothly but having him nearby made it all okay.

I snapped this from my bed as I watched my husband fall in love with his son!

Look at the feet! They are huge!!

Daddy took his photo of his first bath!

Hanging out in the warmer as his proud grandparents watched from the window. Pop got his first looks as he was not able to visit while I was in recovery. They only allowed one other visitor and it was my mom. She took photos out to report!

Snug as a bug in a rug on the way to my postpartum room, where he stayed most of the next three days.

I will soon share photos and stories of Emma's first meeting, but for now, I must get some rest. My recovery is still slow and at times painful, but full of joy and love for my newly formed family of four!! Life is good and so is God!!

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