Monday, March 7, 2011


Still waiting for Taylor Daniel to make an appearance in this world. I was due this past Saturday, and thought I was in real labor on Sunday, but still in early stages and waiting and waiting and waiting. I did have an ultrasound to check weight, fluid, and cord blood flow. All looked good and he sounded good yesterday at the hospital. Little stinker does not want out! I will continue to wait it out as long as he is okay, I really do not want a repeat C-section. Emma is so much more independent but still needs help, so we are trying to do what will have me down the least amount of time. (she is on spring break next week, which is bad timing, but Daniel will be home, my mom is around three days and his mom took off two days to help keep her entertained and happy).

Tonight a good friend took me for a pedicure and some yummy frozen yogurt! It was a nice little outing and really picked up my spirits. I was so down today and so focused on how uncomfortable I was, but after two hours of relaxing and chatting with a friend who understands the struggles of raising a special needs child, I am renewed and feeling uplifted. Plus, I have really pretty blue toes in honor of hopefully meeting my son!! So glad for friends who understand and know when you need a mommy break!

Emma by the way is still peeing strong:) We bought a potty ring for our toilet and she loves it. So goes potty, takes like two squares of toilet paper, tries to wipe, and then says flush. Then, she wants to go again and normally does. (she does not totally empty her bladder due to her kidney issues). She still gets so excited when she pees and gives us the thumbs up and laughs. Makes me smile and I am so proud of her.

Well, hopefully my next post will be about my son's birth.

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