Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Emma and her Baby!!

A few photos showing Emma meeting and loving her baby Taylor!!
Aunt Nay Brought Taylor over to meet his big sister who was not too sure.
Checking him out with daddy!

I think I might touch him now!

Pop took him and Emma sat next to them, but decided his blackberry was more fun.

She finally warmed up to him and decided to like him.

Mommy and her babies!

Baby with Emma in her room!

This is how they end every night all three curled up on the bed talking and reading. She loves her brother and just stares at him and kisses on him.

Helping him not cry by holding his paci in!

First holiday photo together! happy saint paddy's day!

Melt my heart! daddy with his loves!

They love each other! she calls him her baby!!

See Taylor here is the baby you gave me!
As you can see they love each other so much! Emma is being a great big sister and I am so proud of her. She is a little jealous since I am limited in how much I can do with her due to my recovery from surgery, but she loves the baby and kisses and hugs him all day long. She hates when he cries and wants him to go where she goes. I am so glad it has been a smooth transition to a family of four!!


A Mommy's Heart said...

Such a good sister!

MommyBozant said...

So extremely precious! You have been incredibly blessed! Congrats!

kate said...

i love the blackberry picture. Cracks me up.