Sunday, March 27, 2011

what a two weeks

Taylor is two weeks old already! Wow time has flown by. I can not believe that Daniel returns to work this week and I will be on my own now. I am nervous, as Taylor is still not really on a set schedule as I am still working on the whole breastfeeding thing, so having to also take back over total control of Emma while he is gone, is going to be challenging at times. I am lucky that my parents are picking her up at school this week, to keep me from having to get him out and lift her in and out of the car. I am still healing and very sore, so limiting how much I will lift her is key. I am so glad she is getting around so much better now, and I have bought three step stools to help that along as well. I am sure this week will be a challenge and tears will be shead on all fronts as we learn to wait and be patient with each other. My goal is to try to engage Emma in activties I can do while Taylor feeds:) We go to the dr for our first check up in the morning and I can not wait to find out if he has gained his weight back. I pray he has! Breastfeeding is so much harder then I thought and I would like to know that I have been giving him enough to gain and grow. We are hoping to get some photos done with my sister as well tomorrow. Big day! In one week Emma turns five!! yikes where did the time go?? Starting to work on her party stuff again, which is hard since I am still limited on traveling and so on. Hopefully this weekend we can figure some stuff out and get it all done. Doing a party at a dance studio and not at home which is a lifesaver for me. Just got to get a few items to decorate and eat. I am looking forward to not all the stress this year and to just having fun!! She will only turn 5 once! I will leave you with a few photos!

They stare at each other a lot!

Handsome boy! Wide awake! Precious!
Big Sister Emma giving little brother Taylor a sweet kiss!
Two Weeks old!
First stroller ride to the park!
love the lion on his bottom
Love my sit and stand stroller and this was our first trip, short walk in the sun!

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