Sunday, May 8, 2011

Not the Day i planned

I have had a wonderful Mother's Day despite starting it off at the ER with my first born precious angel Emma. She fell last night and broke her good leg and is in a cast up to her left thigh. But she is doing pretty well for someone who broke thier tibia:) We went to the park and carefully slide today, rode our four wheeler around Meme's yard and played with her cousin Hudson. She keeps asking to take off the cast but when we say no she moves on. However, my ears are still ringing from her screams when we woke her up and she realized she was at the hospital last night. She hates the hospital. Luckily they only had to cast her leg after the xrays and no sticks or pokes by needles, they gave her meds by mouth and one by her nose. She was so brave and even waved bye to the Ortho doctor who did her cast. She was so loopy last night and smiley despite the very late hour of 1:30:) She kept trying to knock us down with her new cast as she laid on her back for a quick diaper change. I filmed it on my phone and laugh everytime I watch it.
We are not sure how the rest of the time in the cast will go, but hope it continues to not be to bad and that she gets better at getting around. She is allowed to walk on it but she is not able to yet. So back to carrying we go and then hopefully back to a walker after that but if all else fails back to the wheelchair. I am still a little numb and not really able to put into words how I feel about this newest setback at this time, but I have spent the day reminding myself To Praise God in the storm and that it could be worse. We will come out of this and be stronger but for know I am sad to put my sweet girl through another battle.
But for tonight my babies are sleeping sweelty in their beds and I am so blessed by them both and so honored to be a mom to a wonderful and strong daughter and a very sweet and beautiful son!!

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