Sunday, January 12, 2014

Plans derailed....

 So, yesterday was one of those days that as a special needs parent you dread, but prepare for all the time.  Emma had been having some medical issues common to her, but we were hoping to get ahead of the issue, but Saturday morning as we started to get ready for ballet, our day got derailed.  After a call to the on call doctor, we packed Taylor a bag and us a bag and headed into town.  We meet the kids Nana, at her work, and gave her Taylor and headed across the street to the local children's ER.  Emma was quickly seen and assessed and sent to the OR for medical intervention, within less then three hours.  She had a few meltdowns when she was not understanding what was happening, but most of the time she had all the nurses eating out of her cute little hands:)  I loved when she made us open the curtains so she could wave to the nurses outside her room in the ER.

I was so amazed at how well she handled the stress of xrays, an IV placement awake, and being rolled away by the OR doctors.  We actually came back to recovery and she was not screaming, which is a new thing, since she normally comes out of the medicines mad as a wet cat.  She drank her water, talked to us and the nurses and gave Meme a smile when she came back to see her.  She did so great, they sent us home instead of the floor to be monitored for a few hours.  We got to get dress and go to the waiting room to see Papa and her new Frozen doll they got her.  

We luckily did not need the overnight bags I packed just in case and we got to head home.  It was decided to leave Taylor with Nana for the night so we could focus on Emma.  We got her home, relaxing on the couch, and she happily welcomed visits from her Meme and Papa and her Aunt Nay and some sweet friends!  She was given some wonderful prizes for being brave and after a little dinner snuggled up with me to go to sleep for the night.  She had a pretty peaceful night and woke in a good mood Sunday to play with her new toys.

Sunday we spent a little time outside getting some much needed vitamin D.  She got a special McDonald's lunch brought to her by her Meme and Papa and then we snuggled in for a nap together on mommy's bed.  After nap, we headed back out to go to the park and wait on Daddy to get home from work.  She got another special visit from two sweet friends who made her beautiful cards handmade and a huge Hello Kitty balloon!  We then finally went to meet Taylor and have some dinner and home for bath and bed.  She is currently snuggled in daddy's spot in my bed, peaceful and happy.  I am hoping her bad dreams she had last night do not come again.  But till she processes all the meds we are prepared for those odd dreams.  
She is my hero for sure!  I saw such braver from her in the last two days.  She helped give her IV meds with the nurses, she was able to use the smile chart to tell her pain, and she was able to stay calm in recovery.  She handled the quickly moving pace we were blessed with better then some adults even would.  We are so proud of her, and hope that we do not need to do this again anytime soon!  I will say it was the best trip to the hospital we have ever had.  We were seen quickly, things were ordered and completed fast, and shock of all shocks the nurse got her IV in the first time ever!!!  Even the nurse helping was shocked, she said how did you do that??  I wanted to hug her and ask to keep her on our payroll:)  The IV is normally a major ordeal with many sticks and lots of screaming.  Thank you Vandy Children's for the best care and a much happier daughter today.  

Mommy and daddy may need a few more days to catch up from the emotional ride it all was, but we are so blessed with so many family and friends supporting us with prayers, love, and help when needed.  Blessed beyond all belief!!

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