Friday, January 3, 2014

Party Like It is My Birthday!

Today I turned 33, and according to my cute daughter that is old!  However, I feel like it is young and that this will be a great year.  I have had a great last 24 hours.  My hubby got his mom to keep the kids over night, and we had a yummy date night at a local Japanese steakhouse.  They took my pic with a yummy piece of cheesecake and then I got to glue it to the wall:)  Then, today he went to work and I got to sleep till I woke on my own, which let me tell you was way later then the 7:30 I normally have to wake up!  It was heaven!!  I then got to watch grown up TV and lounge around a little.  I made a coffee date with a good friend and enjoyed talking to her for an hour over a peppermint mocha.  I had gotten a few gift cards for my birthday and Christmas, so I went and did a little shopping on my own after coffee.  I normally buy for the kids so it was nice to shop for myself a little bit.  I got a few cute new pieces and cant wait to wear them.

We headed to my in laws to meet up with the kids after my relaxing day off, and I was surprised with a party given to me by my kiddos.  They decorated and made me brownies!  It was so sweet, and they proudly presented me with four homemade cards a piece.  Taylor was really proud of all the work he did on his, and Emma was proud of her writing to me as well.  I love them all and have them hanging off my mantel to enjoy for a week or so.  We had a yummy dinner and yummy dessert before braving the cold to come home!

All in all today was an amazing day from start to finish.  I got so many texts and FB messages from family and friends all day that I felt loved and blessed from start to finish!

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