Sunday, January 19, 2014


Today at a local state park, there was a train exhibit and best part it was free!  So after church we headed that way, with our train loving little boy and Emma as well:)  Taylor was in heaven, and actually Emma enjoyed it much more then she thought she would.  Lots of it was hands-on and you could touch, or use a bell or horn, they got to sit on one, play with some and watch some go round and round.  We ran around the site for over an hour and had so much fun!  It was all in one room and was small enough that it was not overwhelming, but it was worth going to as well.  Here are some of the fun photos of our train fun today!

 the little conductor
 Hey mom can you see me?
 Taylor liked using the control to run this train, and kept making it go backwards!
 Emma liked this one too!
 ringing the bell
 playtime with some trains
 look mom here it comes again
 Needed a little help to see this one
 Sitting on the steam train
  playing with the solider train!

It was a nice afternoon, at a great local park, and we made some great memories with both kids!  Taylor was so excited, and loved exploring something he loves so much.  I enjoyed getting to do an outing geared towards him more then Emma.  But Emma had a lot of fun, saw a few friends, and seeing the trains.  All in all a great Sunday/family fun day!!!  

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