Saturday, January 18, 2014

First Academic Award WHOOP!!

Friday Emma was part of her first academic awards at school.  I was so excited when we got the invite Thursday!  I was even more excited when my dad offered to sit with the sick little boy so I could be there.  So, I left Taylor snuggled with Papa and headed to her school.  Emma was so excited that she was going to get to go on stage this time.  (last six weeks she did not).  

 Emma before school on Friday, love they get to wear jeans on Friday.  They also get to wear their new Gower shirts!
 The stage
 Emma getting her Honor Roll award!!!  Yep my hard worker made honor roll this six weeks!  Take that two years ago, she barely spoke and had no written language at all!  Whoop whoo Hearing aids rock!  My girl works hard!  Mommy and daddy are so proud!!
 I just love her principal, she is on the left!
 Emma at home showing Taylor!
 I also just had to show the cute little tea party she threw tonight for her brother!  I got this tea set down, I forgotten all about it.  She was given it when she was younger and it is glass, so I had put it up.  She was so excited, to dress up and throw a tea party!
 Here are Taylor and Emma having tea!
Lastly, Emma was given a rainbow loom this week for being so brave and this is the rainbow bracelet she made Taylor tonight!  He was thrilled, she put black and all the other colors on it:)  

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