Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Picking E up early...

Emma had a hard time going to bed last night and seemed to be a little nervous about returning to school this morning, but she was health wise ready so we sent her on.  I had e-mailed her teachers and asked them to call me at work if she seemed off or upset.  I work on Tuesday's but am able to leave if needed.  Around 12 I got a text saying she was saying her head hurt and seemed tired but if we wanted she could stay at school.  I called Daniel and we were going to try to talk to her on the phone before deciding, but my mommy gut said go get her.  So, I left work and headed to get Emma.  She was at lunch, but I talked to her teachers and they said she had a good morning, but seemed a little off her game.  I went and got her from lunch, we changed her hearing aids and headed home.  She ate a little more lunch and then I decided she really need to rest more.  She took a two hour nap, and then we played and studied her sight words till dinner.

After we got home from school early!
 After nap we finished her first loom bracelet, take that OT!!
She seemed a little upset at bedtime and was a little nervous to go to sleep.  But we reassured her that she was safe and all was well.  She calmed and went to sleep.  We will talk to her more tomorrow about that all is well now and she is safe and better.  And will continue to keep a close eye on her emotional health as she continues to process her last health mini crisis.  She is a lot older then she has been since the last time she had issues and she is understanding more.  So we are working on her expressing her fears, memories etc and working through those thoughts and feelings as she comes.  Please continue to pray as she works all this out in her cute little mind!!

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