Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Silver Egg Winner

Taylor and daddy ventured out to a local Easter Egg Hunt this past Saturday.  Emma had ballet and we had to miss it.  The boys had a really good time, and the weather was really nice here on Saturday.  Of course since I did not go there are a few less photos but Daddy did pretty good getting me a few photos of the fun!

This was before the hunt, and it is hard to get him to take a serious photo right now!

 The field he was hunting in!
 The Hunt is on!
 Look I have an egg!!
 Well since Emma has won two prize eggs in the past, we kind of figured out the tricks they do to hide the prize eggs and kind of which ones they normally pick.  So, daddy was on the hunt to find a prize egg for him.  The boys were lucky enough to find the silver prize egg!  The prize was the huge bunny he is hugging in the pic below!  The thing is huge and weighs a lot.  He keeps dragging it around by the tail!  He loves it and was so proud to have won and gotten his picture taken for the local paper.  It will come out on Friday and if he makes the paper I will post the pic of it then!  I was so proud of my little egg hunter!!
 He only got a few other eggs and one of them had a blue ring pop in it.  Taylor really really enjoyed that ring pop!  Blue teeth and all last the rest of the afternoon!

Throw back time, the pics below are of Emma with her two prize winning eggs!  She is three in the first picture with the huge duck, and she is five in the photo with the bunny!  And yes she is wearing the same dress/shirt in both.  She wore the vintage dress for a few years and now it is a pillow on my couch.  I had a friend make it into a pillow this year, because I love the memories this dressed held.  It has a cute little bunny on it but you can not see it in the pics.

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