Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Science and Fun

Today was a day off of school, so I borrowed my nephew for a few hours and planned a fun morning with the three amigos.  I did some Pinterest research and gathered all my supplies for some Easter fun.  It was a great morning!  The kids had a lot of fun and lots of new memories were made.

We of course had to dye some eggs for Sunday's hunt.  There was a lot of giggling during this.

 and then as much as it hurt me to watch, we microwaved some peeps.  The kids loved watching them blow up,but I would rather eat them. 

 Taylor decided to try a melted peep with me.  It was pretty tasty.
 adding stickers to our eggs!
 We made these cute little bunny signs for gifts for two grandmothers and Hudson's mom!  I think they are cute and I used the new burlap wrapped canvases and that was fun!
 Then, I had found a blog post about making magic eggs out of baking soda and dish soap.  They were not so easy to make, but the kids squealed really loudly when they bubbled up in the vinegar.  It was worth the hassle to see their faces!
 Then, came the Easter Egg Hunt!

 yes, he is sitting in his car seat, he got a new one today!
 Egg race!
 Had a hard time keeping the egg on her spoon!
 Emma and Taylor wanted to make pizzas today, so of course I said okay.  They loved rolling and patting out their doughs and making their own pizzas.  They were pretty tasty as well!

 I had to include a shot of one of my two vintage bunnies.  They were my grandmother's and I just love them.  Missing her tonight.  It is our first Easter with her gone.  Miss her everyday, but her bunnies make me smile.
 We ended our fun day by watching Hudson play a tee ball game.  It was fun!!
 Today is Good Friday, and as I pulled into my driveway this amazing sight greeted me.  I felt like the blood of Jesus was painted across the sky today as a reminder of the suffering He did on the cross to save each one of us.  Today maybe a day of death and sorrow but keep your heads up, Sunday is coming!   

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