Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Emma!

Today is her birthday!  This day is not always easy for me, I swing from sadness to joy as memories of the last eight years flood my soul.  Her birth was such a mixture of joy and then sadness as she was taken to another hospital so sick.  And every year on her birthday those emotions come flooding back.  I try hard to focus on the joy and this year it was really easy to do that.  Emma was so excited about everything we did, she was running and playing and laughing.  Eight years ago when they took her away from me, I honestly did not know if days like this would ever happen.  I am so blessed to be her mom, she has made me into such a better person.  

Today we did not really plan anything, we decided to kind of let her lead the day and see where it took us.  It took us to a lot of fun and great memories.  Come along on a picture tour of our memory making!

A few Frozen decorations around the house!

 We only had time for one present before church, so here they are in their pjs!
 After church she choose to go to Red Robin and some of Daniel's family joined us! Which we did not know about, but it was a lot of fun!

 She loves her Zook cousins!

 She has been begging to go bowling and we have not made it there, so today we did!
 Taylor loved bowling!

 Then it became cosmic bowling and that was a first for the kids.  It was fun though and here are the kids dancing with daddy!
 playing in the kids play area after bowling!

 We then headed to my parents to get a little Meme and Papa time and her gifts of course!  She loved her new outfits, books, and girlie make up holder with goodies!  Then of course a new Hello Kitty was a big hit as well!  
 She then convinced Meme to head to their local park, where Aunt Nay and Uncle Bob found us!  Here is my sister giving her a gift!
 Show me the money!  Yep Emma loves cash to go shopping!
 Playing at the park!

 Uncle Bob played a little soccer with her!
 Headed home to play outside and open more gifts! Here is one of the goodies from Washington!  Thanks Great Grandmother!
 Uncle Scott and Auntie Alicia also stopped by to see her and give her some cool goodies today!  Alicia is my best friend from college and was there the day Emma was born!  Was great to see them both before the end of a fun day!

Ended the fun day with some dinner while we watched Frozen!  Then she opened her last gifts and we ate some yummy brownies that she wanted me to make!

I asked her before bed what was her favorite part, she said "all of it!"  She loved all her gifts and everything we did!  I totally agree it was a great day full of family, friends and lots of fun!  I am so glad she had a good day!  We ended today by holding hands as she fell asleep!  That meant the world to me, since the night she was born we slept across town from each other.  Bittersweet memories, but blessed with many more happier ones!  She is my little Rose!  It has been eight years of joy, laughter and growth on all our parts!  I am looking forward to seeing all that God has in store for her as she continues to grow up!  Life is a journey and I am proud to be a part of hers!

So, tonight as my head hits the pillow, I am a little sad but mostly happy and blessed! 

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