Saturday, April 5, 2014

Career Day and Pre Birthday fun

Friday was Career Day at school, the kids got to dress up in what they wanted to be when they grew up.  This was following a fun week of seeing all kinds of different types of jobs, the whole school did Zumba, they saw a helicopter, tons of civil service people, and many other cool jobs.  Emma really enjoyed this week.  She came home everyday telling us who they saw:) She wanted to be a doctor like Dr. Mcstuffin, so Dr. Zook went to school on Friday!

 We decided to take her class treats on Friday for her birthday this weekend.  They were getting to eat in the room, so it was a fun time for all of us.  Here is Emma with her special Bday pencil and free milkshake coupon from the office.
 Happy to be with my girl!
 As an added bonus we took her McDonald's to eat!  Here is Taylor with his cheeseburger with no meat!  Yep Grilled cheese!

 After school we went to Papa's to play with Hud!

 When then went to our fave wood fired Pizza place to eat with some of the Clark Family as an early bday dinner.

Saturday we went to Home depot and meet Meme and Hud to make a bird bath together!  Love there free workshops for kids!
 Taylor likes that they have snack!
Despite it being a little chilly we then headed to a local park to play and have a picnic together!  It was chilly but a whole lot of fun!

 After Emma and daddy went to father/daughter dance practice and Taylor and me went grocery shopping, we all took a nap!  Then, the kids headed back outside to play in the hood!  Taylor loves to ride his scooter and he is really really good at it!

 Emma loves to bounce her ball!

 Before baths Emma and Taylor played doctor!  It was so funny and a little sad that she knows so much about doctors.  Luckily Tay is a good little patient!

Lots of great memories made this weekend so far!  I love fun filled days with fun and family!  Thanks Meme for bringing Hud!  It is way more fun with you two with us!  Tomorrow Emma turns 8!  I am in complete denial! 

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