Sunday, April 13, 2014

Reaching New Heights

Yesterday was finally Emma's birthday party with a few friends from school and church!  She begged for a party at Climb Nashville which is an indoor rock climbing place.  If you recall a past blog, we went to an amazing birthday party there a little while back.  Emma fell in love with it and we decided to go with it.  She has been beside herself waiting on this party and she is still talking and now singing songs about how awesome it was!!  

I was so impressed with the amazing staff!  They do it all for you, set-up, serve, order your pizzas and help the kids.  All I did was show up with some cake and a few water bottles with a few prizes in them for the kids to take home.  I have never been so relaxed at a party before.  I just got to enjoy watching the kids try something new.  Non of her friends had been there before and they all just jumped in and gave it a shot.  One little girl was so good she got to try a harder wall across the gym and made it to the top.  I think her mom about passed out watching it, but it was amazing to see.  

I tried to just post a few photos but here is a sample of the awesome fun the kids had.

 Of course we had to have a Frozen cake:)  
 The amazing staff who just love your kids and make sure they have a great time from start to finish!
 daddy testing Taylor's safety harness out
 Up he went
Just hanging out with some friends!!

 Emma did really well this time and got even higher then her first trip.  They got to climb for over an hour and had about three or at times four staff members helping the kids take turns climbing parts of the easier wall.  

 This staff member is named Sally, Emma just loves her and I think she loves her back:)  Actually I know she does, she asked to help with her party!  Emma and her hugged the moment we walked in.  We meet Sally last time and she was so good with Emma.  I was so impressed that she picked up so quickly on what she needed and how to help her.  

 Auntie Jenn was the only brave adult who tried it this party and Emma tried to race her to the top, but she got so excited she stayed on the ground.  
 The kids happily ate pizza and cake after all that climbing.  The pizza was so good and the cake was tasty!  

 Here are a few of the gifts she got that we opened later after a rest!

All the kids had a lot of fun, and we were so happy that the parents enjoyed watching them climb and eating pizza too.  Emma told us later it was the best birthday party ever.  Tonight she told us she wants her party there when she turns 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 as well.  I think she better get a job there to be able to afford it!  I think we might have to look into a family membership and having Daddy trained to belay the kids.  I think I will never forget the smile on her face the whole time we were there.  She loved watching her friends climb, climbing herself, and being with her friends and family.  It was a good day, a very good day!

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