Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lets go on a picnic!

We are members of a wonderful garden and museum in our town!  I won a year membership a few years ago and we loved going to much we have paid every year since.  It is really close and it has some great programs for the family to enjoy.  We decided to go and enjoy the flowering trees etc after church today. So, we packed our rolling cooler, our fold up blanket and our double stroller and off we went.  It was a beautiful spring day and we enjoyed our time at the garden, till Emma's eyes started swelling shut.  

 The cool branch sculptured houses that were just installed.  They were amazing!

 Pink flowers to match her pink shirt

 Trying to be serious is a joke with these two!

 love the Japanese garden
 More pics inside the houses.  They are all sticks so cool.  Here the three amigos are blowing the house down like the wolf!
 rare photo of the two of us
 What a sad face, his tummy hurts!
 hanging by the creek
 sharing chips at lunch under the trees
 We ended our time swinging under the tree house!  Emma was so happy to be swinging and trying to touch the deck!  She went really high!

It was a glorious day of church, family, nap snuggles and playing in the yard.  Now sitting and listening to the rain fall while the kids sleep the night away.  Days like these are a rare and I enjoyed our slower pace Sunday.  Hope your family had a blessed day as well!!!

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