Saturday, April 26, 2014

Gator Gallop Fun!

Friday was Emma's school fun run to raise money to make improvements at the school!  I was part of the PTO team to raise money, it was fun (not really, but glad to help).  It was a cloudy morning but nice a cool for running!  Emma was so excited!  They all get new shirts and get to wear workout wear to school.  This is a big deal since they were uniforms most of the time.  I made Taylor his own little Gator shirt for the day and I put on my G for Gower shirt I already had from the choir tour.  

Me and my boy before the race
 They are good friends!  I just love this photo!  They just love each other!  
 My little racer all ready to go!
 Caught a sweet sibling moment as her class lined up to go!  Taylor thinks he is one of them!
 the start
 she is off!  This still amazes me!  Just three years ago, she took her first steps by herself, now she runs and dances just like the rest of her friends!
 Taylor mad at me for making him wait to run till she ran one by herself.  She refused my help this year!
 Taylor trying to join her!
 Then he just ran and ran!
 This is her sweet music and choir teacher that joined her for one lap. Emma was tired, but did not want me to help her.  But Mrs. Carpenter was allowed to and they were sweet walking hand and hand.  Thankful for good teachers who realized she needed some help.
 Surprise Papa showed up to join her at the end!  Emma was so excited!  We love him being retired!
 I only caught Taylor finishing some how!
 We need water!

 Sadly the race started way earlier then they had sent home it would.  Daddy made it as she finished.  But he did go to the opening ceremony.  The whole school did a parade of Nations and did the pledge together.

It was a great day at school.  So proud of my big girl runner and my little Gator as well!  So fun to get to be part of these fun moments at school!  

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