Saturday, November 29, 2008

What a Wonderful Life

What a tiring day. We have spent the day putting up Christmas trees (not my own), at my grandmother's and my mom's house. My grandmother is 88 and still loves to decorate for Christmas, so we helped put her tree up for her. She was so happy to have it done, and it was the first tree Emma had seen this year. She really loved watching us put it up and plug it in. My Grandmother loved watching Emma help:)

Then, we headed to my mom's to work on her house, and Emma laid down for her nap! It is a lot of work, but worth it in the end. Emma woke up from her nap, and my mom's house was decorated to the hilt with Christmas. My family loves Christmas and has tons and tons of decorations. She was in awe! She just stared and said wow! It was so cute and sweet to watch her look around and take in all the beautiful decorations. Then, she started saying bobobo which if you do not know that is really hohoho!

It made all the hard work of dragging out the tons of boxes my mother has and unpacking them, worth it! Now, we are just watching a Hallmark Christmas movie and laughing at Emma taking apart the Mr. Potatoe Head Santa apart over and over again.

It has been a long day, but worth the hard work. Now, maybe tomorrow I will have the energy to do my own house or maybe it will be next week when I do it. I am sure it will get done at some point soon.

I am loving how much she loves all the Christmas decorations and I am really looking forward to seeing her meet Santa again this year. Last year she cried and screamed. I am hoping that does not happen again this year. But if it does it will be another memory to laugh about in the years to come. I am thrilled to see her look at the lights in the neighborhood and open presents. She is a little bit older then last year and I think it will be even more fun then last year.

My promise to my family is to try to slow down long enough to enjoy the holiday season and all the wonder it brings this year. My charge to you is to do the same. Relax and enjoy the season of Christ's birth. It does not matter in the long run if all the bows are perfect or if every present is found and bought. Relax and enjoy!

love Rachel

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