Monday, November 17, 2008

Make me smile

Things are looking up this week.

Quick update to the story that follows: The mother who is suppose to give her baby to my friend (read below to learn more) is having second thoughts. Please pray this adoption does go through, as my friend and her family are already attached to this little angel.

Two things are really making me smile right now.

First of all Emma. She has been so silly this weekend. She has been chatty and giggly this weekend. That has really warmed my heart this weekend. She is such a sweet heart and the love of my life!

Second of all, a dear friend of mine is in the process of bringing her soon to be legally adopted newborn baby girl home from the hospital. I can not say much right now, because it is not legal as of yet. My friend Adrienne has had a lot of heartache trying to carry a baby to full term herself, but she and her husband Jim have been blessed to adopt a little boy (almost three now) named Owen last year from Russia. He was a little over one when they adopted him and brought him home. Now, they are being blessed again with their baby girl who was born last Friday.

I am so happy for this family. They are so sweet and so caring. They have been through a lot of sadness, but a lot of happiness with Owen and now this new baby girl too. I am looking forward to meeting this new addition when they return from New Jersey, where she is being born, and sharing their excitement on their growing family.

I wait anxiously everyday to read her blog, and hear all about the time they have spent with the baby in the hospital, meeting the mom and grandmother, and how Owen is loving his new sister. It makes me so happy to share this experience through her blog. They will have great memories to share with the baby when she is older. She is a lucky little girl to have two families who love her so much. One who wanted to give her the best she could, by giving her to a family who will be able to do just that, and one who waited to happily to meet her and take her home as their own.

It has made me reflect back to Emma's birth and how she was born and her story of birth. In the first 24 hours Emma went for a ride in an ambulance and survived her first tornado. Yes, she did! About four hours after birth she was transferred to another hospital, hence the ambulance ride, and then the next day a tornado ripped through Nashville. It did not do too much damage here, but it did go through here. So, she had a lot happen in a short time. I guess everybody has a special birth story. I know Emma does and so will this new addition to my friends family.

Love and I hope to share more when I am able. Just pray that the Fleming family has a smooth transition from a family of three to four, and pray for Jim and Adrienne as they take on the care of another special little child. They are great people for deciding to care for those who need it.


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