Tuesday, November 18, 2008

sad news/breaking heart

It is with a very heavy heart that I share that my friend Adrienne, Jim and their precious two year old Owen, are right now dealing with the very harsh reality that they may long be bringing home their precious baby girl.

The birth mother has had some second thoughts and has decided to take the baby home with her now. We are not sure right now if this is the end for my friend and her family, but they are having to wait and pray hard that this be resolved in the best way for the baby.

I can not imagine what they are going through as they have already spent lots of time with this baby and prepared for weeks for her arrival, and now they do not know what will happen. My heart is breaking as I know how badly they wanted this baby girl. Adrienne has dreamed of her for so long and thought her dream was finally happening. Now she is living a very real and vivid nightmare.

Please pray that they are able to find some peace as they wait and that they are able to explain to their son what is going on. He is a very smart boy and was already in love with is little sister. This will be very hard to explain to such a young child.

I will let you know when I know more details or when a final decision is made by the mom. In the meantime we wait and pray! that is really all we can do.

My heart and love go out to my friends!


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