Friday, November 7, 2008

Doctor Drama

Well, yes Emma does have a UTI. But to find that out was lots of drama. Emma does not have normal anatomy down there, so to get urine for the test is lots of fun! NOT!
The nurse we had yesterday was new to Emma, and had not had to do this yet. So, she set it up and tried not once but twice to cath her. It did not happen. Emma was beside herself with screaming and crying. Tears actually collected in her ears while she laid there. Finally they gave up and asked us who had been successful with her. We told them Pam could always get it. So, they went and got the other nurse. She got it in a heartbeat and Emma peed. Yeah! Pam tried to tell them what to do for the next time. Poor Emma! But it was worth it since she is sick. We do not like to torture her, but when it comes to her kidneys we do not take chances.

Now, we wait and make sure the meds they gave her are correct, if not we change them or head to the hospital to get IV meds. We pray that does not happen since the last time she needed IV meds we were there for 10 days. We do not want to experience that again. It is no fun!

Anyway, just a update on yesterdays drama. My ears are still ringing from the screaming, but she is doing better already.


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kellyk said...

Your willingness to share is both remarkable and inspiring. i am a mother of two, blessed that they are healthy, but a teacher of many first graders, all of whom bring great diversity to our classroom. Emma is a beauty!