Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun

Halloween last night was so much fun. Emma loved to wear her little Minnie Mouse outfit, even if she did not like her ears. She was still not too sure about going up to houses, but she liked getting stuff in her bucket. She would not say hello to anyone, but she yelled bye bye to everyone really loud. Emma was really happy to have her new friend Kadence with her in her wagon for trick-or-treating. Then her friend Owen joined us for a few houses too! Emma loved having her peeps with her.

This year was a little different since we stayed home instead of going to Meme's, but we had a blast. We decided to have a few friends come that were her age, and have pizza and then head out to get candy. It worked out pretty well. I got a great workout lifting her in and out of the wagon to go up to houses!! But the wagon was easier then a stroller for sure.

It amazes me how much she has changed with each of the three Halloween's she has been alive for. She was only 6 months old at her first one, and she was a fat little frog. Then, last year she was sitting up and smiling big in her little duck outfit, but this year she looked like such a big girl in her Minnie outfit in her little walker. She was such a big girl, and I started crying when I lined up all three photos (I had printed out a photo from her halloween party at the library this year). I sat in my bedroom crying as I reflected on how much she has changed over the years. She is really starting to look like a big kid. I am not sure if I like that yet or not. But I guess I do not have much choice do I?

Anyway, Emma and the family had a great Halloween. Each year gets more fun as she understands more and more what is going on. Next year she will probably want to eat her candy, instead of letting mom eat it! This year it was just so exciting to cut a pumpkin and wear her costume. She just squealed with delight the whole time. Life was good for all!


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